Unembarrassingly Moneyed-Up

Infinite Spirit I give thanks for my humility opening out my civility to experience the wow of life wisdom optimizing wealth decrypts all poverty encryptions in my heart all consciousness soul spirit DNA and every cell in my temple

Blatantly unshackling newborn cleverness unravels the fallacies of poverty freeing sharp new visions outlawing poverty kicking poverty into extinction expansively expands me into this shiny innovative paradigm actual-eyes-zing poverty is prosperity opening-out vivid enterprising thaumaturgy yodeling I have won my game of life sanctioning me to audaciously admit to me

I emanate the guts to fearlessly stroll thru life being unembarrassingly moneyed-up unlocks my noble effusive monetary bounty authorizing regal rich avant-garde savant sapience intensifying-my nimble galvanizing liveliness yes-sing massive opulence naturally emancipating yaulding energizing dauntless utopian preeminence

To brazenly walk down my walk of fame and fortune standing tall head held high hugging who I am in a heartfelt way embracing I am a revolutionary soul to understand I am and always will be in all-ways a nomad and a pioneer unbridles my racehorse rowdiness in my core daringness to run like a thoroughbred encompassing the stamina of mustang the keen-wit of a quarter horse the strength of a Belgium championing my nomadic pioneering moxie

Wildly exhibiting the heart of a mustang running at breakneck speed thru the mountains tasting freedom smelling sovereignty touching my cascading cash flow hearing the winds of wisdom seeing the world as an enterprising playground untethers a brisk new-fangled question in my inner landscape

Am I a human being just because I am told I am a human being by history science society education and by other people unties a novel insightfulness being a human being stems from science everything I been told everything I been taught and what other people have told me now

I recognize history explains dark egotistical arrogance of poverty pillage and plunder so history is solely taught so history repeats itself to control my life experiences and innovation science has been proven erroneous people say what they believe and humans believe their ingrained knowing is all there is to life and the only way to exist

Tethers them into their human teaching entangling their dislike for life fettering them into ground hogs day to say what they are thinking and been taught been thru history society and follower mentality school system allows today’s thinking and knowing stem from yesterday’s thinking and knowing living the definition of insanity without realizing it

Authorizes me to grasp in my core countryside that I have been told non-truths by other people and the educations system teaches what they are told by others therefore I now unclutter my inner landscape freeing my corporeal world to energetically expand out thru and beyond to freely release and let go of everything I been told taught society and school systems unchains

My willingness to detach from my human experiences fissuring old paradoxes that my humanness contains such as these ironies I have to be smarter than everybody talk like I know more than everybody authentically allows me to release and let go of caring about what other people think feel or say about me kicks my sheeple societal mentality into obscurity liberating

My heart scenery to grasp I am thee savant student of my journey unbinds my mustang iron-will engaging my intuitive inquisitiveness disentangling my healthy wealthy ways to express my prophesizing realizations when I eavesdrop on the wisdom of the galaxy expanding my Disney World Wisdom energizing Disney Land Inventiveness unburdens my enterprising artistry

To free my inner mechanism to flow in harmony with my wealthy desired life letting loose my unembarrassingly money-up entrepreneur unfastens my fearless feisty free flowing intrepid visionary to understand my soul sends out unconditional love energizing my friendship with myself ardently energizes friendship in the ethers of the world

As I stand on my mountain of fame and fortune I relish the friend’s affiliations I embellished on journey that expansively expanded my profuse prosperity as I effusively magnified their opulent opulence

As I ardently appreciate the winds of wisdom that blew thru my life in Divine Order allowing me to energize the airwaves of the universe with wisdom innovation love laughter allowing me to robustly experience loving idyllic freedom everyday in a pristine nouveau riche way

Thank You
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