Wisdom Optimizing Wealth

Eye unclutter my inner landscape innocently releasing my dark dearth understanding plush prosperity is a healthier wealthier way for me to serenely experience life

Opening out leisure imaginative free-will evolution unleashes my intrepid fortitude to real-eyes wisdom optimizing wealth unembarrassingly sovereign-eyes-zes my forthright iron will to

Journey into my terra incognita opens out a garden-fresh pristine acuity that finding blame or fault with oneself anything or anybody is me walking blindly into a brick wall over and over

Because blame is being lousy at managing everything and fault is falsifying actual undertakings lividly- lying to oneself to sooth the ego to look good in the eyes other to fit into society and feel good about oneself

Because lies have memories truth is free flowing imaginative vigor liberating my heart temple all levels of consciousness spirit soul sending out unconditional love emancipating my core kernel to recognize my everyday adventures are seeds of wisdom expansively expanding into sequoia sapience

Boldly freeing my metaphysical scenery and physical landscape to cleverly cognizance that every event that occurs in divine order allowing me to be in the perfect place and perfect time sanctions me

To sagaciously stroll thru life with my eyes wide open seeing my golden opportunity smelling the seas of success feeling my oceans of wealth listening to the winds of wisdom tasting fine wines of love intuition freedom ennobling me to be enlivens a

Adroit listening expanding thrilling newborn enlighten superstar sagacity that when I am by myself with somebody else group event or something in physical plane occurs unfetters a parvenu perception that every culmination of events in my daily escapades unfastens nu-clear enterprising energies in all parties and me

Unbridling new winds of wisdom optimizing winning wealth authorizing me to unshackle my curious adventurer to wassail inspirit sumptuously dancing opalescent mystical omniscient peace maximizing intuitive zeal initiating nascent galvanizing willpower enterprising audacious lively thriving heart championing wow

In every cell of my temple freeing my heart to lavishly love the wow world of wonderment unchaining razor sharp vision when I choose to employ choices that fiercely shake rattle and roll me out of comfort zone and has me vehemently quaking in my boots crapping my pants uncomfortable unbinds my

Ingenious innovation adamantly aligns my vivid visions emotional élans amplifying my feelings tantalizing my thoughts unembarrassingly wows my metaphysical magician and corporeal curiosity unraveling wisdom optimizing wealth send out unconditional love

As I mystically magically experience my copious cornucopia gliding grandly living idyllic delightful illuminated naturalized gloriousness loving the winning wonderment of wisdom optimizing wealth

Relishing my lavish avalanches of rich luxury I am worthy and deserving to live and reside in an opulent omnipotent way today and every day in a picture perfect way

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson Cowboy
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