Wapiti (ELK) Moxie

Eye set free my wapiti moxie unleashing my strength, agility freedom, power nobility energizing my audacious gutsiness to boldly step into prolific prosperity untethering my preeminent robust omniscient liveliness invigorating fantastic infinite copiousness purposefully revolution-eye-zing oracle sapience propelling effusive robustness instantly tantalizing-my Yahweh to open the way

Unbridling my wapiti moxie wizardry actual-eyes-zing phenomenons initiating telekinesis imagination maximizing omnipotent x-ray-visions ennobling my natural nimbleness to stroll through daily adventures like a wapiti running through the heavily timbered mountains of Montana Wyoming Colorado with their head held high showcasing their vigor dexterity autonomy supremacy grandeur in a picture perfect way as my

Fearless gracefulness mirrors my stamina adroitness sovereignty clout nobleness to stand in the face of a challenge with the grandeur of an elk standing in the middle of a mountain meadow bathed in sunshine portraying its royal quintessence to the world with agility to run free like the wind feasting on the bountiful lush green emerald grass understanding danger lurks just like my challenges lurk in the horizon

Because deep in my heart meadows I understand I purposefully hide my wapiti wisdom in my coyote challenges allowing my wapiti moxie to blatantly run off my coyote challenges because my wapiti moxie understands coyote challenges are pathetic prey on the weak and run in packs therefore I show my royal valor to them the coyote challenge runs back into unimportance leaving me with snappy new-fangled star spangled sagaciousness

Unlocking my natural nobleness liberating my audacious autonomy to flow gracefully in my inner landscape mimicking the elk running across the mountainous terrain with no mountain to tall river to deep journey to long showcasing it lustful willingness to live life to the fullest opens me out

To ardently appreciate who I am where I am going unshackles a forthright brazenness to unleash enlivened heart to vehemently look forward into my dreams unlocking dauntless robust emancipating audaciousness manifesting sumptuous
accomplishment unfettering my cascading cash flow unbolting razor-sharp newness

I unembarrassingly encompass the fortitude to experience rapturous Shangri-La sunbathing in copious copiousness basking in my mountainous thoughts of tranquility delightfully drinking from the mountain streams of crystal clear serenity feeling the expansive emotional epiphanies of heaven on earth I am ardently worthy richly deserve frees my wapiti moxie

Sanctions me to boldly express to the universe my eyes are the window to my soul as my eyes are my soul’s window to universe so my eyes see strength agility freedom power and nobility in my mirror my soul sees talent sprightliness
self-determination omnipotence and dignity in my mirror unclutters my metaphysical and physical scenery

To be the elk experiencing mountains of freedom unbinding my wapiti moxie opening out my pristine mountains and valleys of galvanizing gusto as I walk on pathways of enlightened emolument kayaking on mountain streams of dreams living my nomadic pioneering spirit vividly visioning feeling free emotional-eyes-zing letting my enterprising energies soar uncluttering my never ending flow of natural inquisitiveness

To be prosperously perched on my mountain top of wealth innovation love listening to my winds of wealth and success singing me song as I tango with my wapiti moxie to send out my unconditional love free flowing way then universe blows
unconditional love to me in a free lively way

Thank You

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