Sovereign Stateliness

Eye release my sovereign stateliness to experience unflappable freedoms I relish opening out stainless optimism visualizing expanding inventiveness galvanizing nirvana showcasing tremendous artistic talent energizing lively incipient
neuro-linguistic speech sparking nouveau-rich sapience to flow from my internal fortitude

Unleashing my ardent self-determination to fly the starship sumptuous success stoutheartedly speaking from my heart audaciousness televising my grit and get to telling and living my truth breathing my integrity broadcasting my lightning bolt morals and ethics electrifying

My titan gall sending forth my gallant assiduous lissome love energizing wealth and success in the universe opening the winning wherewithal in folks invigorating their winning wherewithal within individuals uncluttering their core valor to understand

When a person wakes up with their egotistically arrogance in high gear thinking they know everything thinking they know everything smarter that everybody I am always right everybody else is wrong except me goes to bed in the same frame of affairs stays same forever and always

Stay in the strangle hold of struggle blame shame finding fault with everything and everybody because people get trapped in silly snobby ingrained egocentric cynicism thinking they are owed wealth and success because of their name with their inner dialog saying and swirling their why me victimizing venom in their emotions feelings and thoughts allowing

Individuals to choose to expand out thru and beyond practicing forgiveness or practicing anything in life spinning the same thoughts feeling and emotions that have people whirling and twirling inside same old patterns keeping people riding the merry go round of phony ridiculous apathetic tedious incomplete condescending ingrained nothingness giving up on live

Because they always practiced forgiveness and practiced manifesting their desired life ingrains a controlling victimizing why me paradox in the subliminal landscape because it internally inflames foolishness of blaming the other person involved for not doing what you wanted them to do or you thought they should do finding fault with your actions and their actions aggravating old painful involvements

Then an individual untethers feelings emotions and thoughts of being ashamed for the way you reacted to them then angry at you for not listening to your inner self ingraining everything they do is wrong the way they do things is wrong
everybody is smarter than me and why is this always happening to me

These sentences tell you exactly what is going on your life because your inner landscape in maliciously magnetizing the universal ethers with your pessimistic dearth realizing you live your inner thoughts emotions feelings with the words you
speak that vibrate through the universe today and everyday spinning you like a top in a life you don’t like because

When a person is always looking to forgive something somebody or one-self activates piney pricking cactus spines poking your egocentric victimizing enigmas that have deep painful emotional thoughts and feelings that linger

In your heart temple consciousness’s spirit soul and DNA then when you verbalize the word why you push your buttons of practicing forgiveness activates why me pattern wreaking
havoc yuk-king your daily life and your willingness to engage in expanding your life

Because subliminally the words forgiveness and why bring forth old patterns of want needs expectations that have or went awry opening up old patterns everything will go skewwhiff that exposes old wounds of why did they do this to me why are they doing that why is this happening to me and every emotion thought or feeling why things went awry so are you open willing and receptive

Unembarrassingly authorizes you to understand forgiveness is a onetime emancipating experience because you forgive you for your would-da should-da could-da hindsight’s
listening to others and thinking you were shy so you forgive you for being shy and thinking

There was a higher outcome expanding you into this paradigm the event happened in divine order and you are in divine order today everyday in every way under grace in a picture
perfect way uncluttering the complexity of life into the simplicity of life
because every experience is a seed of wisdom

However when you overlook the seed of wisdom that’s when would-da should-da could-das become your hindsight because in the moment wisdom has no hindsight of forward
forthrightness engaging in your adventurous journey of utopian utopia

To let go of everything I have taught and think I know unlocks this snappy nouveau-rich premise when I wake up in the morning recognizing who I am and where I am going willing to see the world as whispering wisdom understanding my everyday life

Is a seed of sagacity expansively expanding me into a sequoia of sapience unleashing my vim and vigor to experience my life with electrifying emotional zeal engaging in my core courageous curiosity setting free my enterprising energies freeing my entrepreneurial utopian unfastens

My sovereign stateliness to engage my internal fortitude to write my autonomous constitution boldly living my sumptuous significant life in exciting fervor congratulating me for

My gargantuan success copious opulence omnipotent peace harmonizing opulent manifestation emanate robust undaunted newborn wealth innovation sapience designing overwhelming manifestations

As I my sovereign stateliness sanctions me to soar as a Bald Eagle symbolizes my gunfighter willingness to be free in my temple mind body heart spirit soul emblazing my trailblazing wit to expansively engage

My pioneering nomadic spirit expand my wisdom energize my forthright focus unleashing my enterprising entrepreneur relishing my cascading cash flow experience seventh heaven in a wealthy wise way

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

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