Golden New Way

Eye open my listening prowess to see a golden new way to experience my love innovation freedom energizing my savvy utopian to step into my enterprising endeavors unleashing genuine omnipotent leadership dexterity engaging new-way noesis expanding wisdom wealth acuity yah-zing jazzing

My Yahweh to open the way for my clear-sighted I understand I can expand moxie setting free my listening prowess to hear my winning wisdom I daring wrote in my declaration of my sovereign-eyes-zing wealth innovation love laughter I choose to experience

On my pristine prosperous heaven on earth journey I ardently express in my metaphysical and physical legacy theater-eyes-zing my vivid visions in my mind’s eye energizing my emotional sagaciousness vitalizing my forthright feelings to audaciously realize I trust my abilities galvanizing my genius

To blatantly engage in my journey into the my terra incognita understanding my undaunted newborn determination enlightens robust stamina trusting adroit nascent divineinnovation nobly generating a lavish cascading cash flow enriching my life

Authorizes me to encourage enlighten enrich enhance energize emancipate expansively expand folks into wealth and success by unbolting their wisdom innovation love listening prodigies to hear their whispering wisdom

Trusting their abilities to communicate in the moment love who they are where they are going allows them to love everything and everybody in the universe real-eyes-zing the universe everything and everybody loves them in a lively enlivened way opening the way for the populace of the world including me to understand by

Fissuring their paradoxes that are hidden in their subliminal DNA physical landscapes unhooking their human plow of ingrained poverty waiting for somebody else to do everything for us thinking political arena our my best interest at heart corporate fascism cloning life is about business and business before people egotistical priggishness etc..

Because life is a people business and people talk to people and business is nothing more than a name on a document for tax identification and branding etc… unfastens this new paradigm you and I totally understand I never talk a business or businesses I talk to people inside the business unlocks this golden new way to experiencing live with gusto genius understanding success tantalizing opulent opulence

Freeing my inner mechanism to recognize since the beginning of time life has consisted of text communication and numbers with every living organism consisting of hydrogen oxygen carbon and nitrogen therefore we are brought forth  on this journey as energy conceived in an energizing act live in energy unlatches this premise

I am enterprising energy unleashing my spiritual sapience to see the universe as seeds of wisdom expanding into sequoia of sapience emancipating my heart heartiness unleashing my innovative élans unshackling my entrepreneurial endeavors freeing my undaunted utopian to foxtrot with my desired of profuse profusion in a lavishly rich way

As I ride the Pennsylvania Railroad to Boardwalk collecting my $10,000,000 of divine inheritance as I pass go galvanizing omnipotence singing on Broadway my songs of innovation expressing my Master of Ceremonies sumptuous success

Unlatching the flood gates on my waterfall of lavish avalanches of copious abundances as I dance the tango of tranquility listening to my winds of wisdom optimizing Emmy award-winning wealth freeing me to send out unconditional love to receive accept unconditional love in a wealthier healthier way

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching/Be Wisdom Publishing 702-755-9410

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