Broadway Brilliant

Eye see I am Broadway Brilliant unleashing my Yahweh my birther of enterprising energies opens the way for my wealth wisdom innovation love listening fortifying my emotionalacumen untethering forthright esteemed feelings uncluttering my vitalizing ingenious philosophies vividly visioning I understand I can I expand avidity

Freeing my inner mechanism to birth my dreams because birthing gives life to my intuitive innovations unbinding my innermost trailblazing curious zeal to explore expand energize enterprise experiencing of my zooming zest of my  pioneering spirit to birth my dreams into mature realizations

So I adamantly choose to birth my dreams live my dreams experience my dreams in my everyday life with an animated passion relishing dignified rich effusive abundance marveling inside lavish avalanches of copious copiousness from now to eternity in a enlivened enlightened way

Boldly revolution-eyes-zing omnipotent artistry describing wealth appreciating-my YHWY birthing regal innovative listening loving intently audaciously naturalizing triumph showcasing my Broadway Brilliant Backbone to daringly tango in nascent nirvana unlatching

A crystal clear new understanding in my core scenery and physical landscape to birth my desired love wealth and success engages my innermost willingness to realize freedom flows when I instantly let go in this moment

Forthrightly choosing to forever always and in all ways expand out of thru beyond thinking there is right and wrong people that are different than I lack wisdom what other people have told me is factual society encumbrances everything

I have been taught think I know business before people corporate cloning poverty consciousness impoverished DNA sheeple taught school system never say no not gossip etc..

Broaden your Broadway Brilliant Daringness enjoy this electrifying proverb when I am gossiping at the water cooler I am living a pessimistic life dictated by distrust in my own abilities opens this when I am the gossip of the water cooler I am experiencing life my way I am fearlessly trust my abilities in a lively rich way

Unshackling this sharp-witted newborn pathway setting free my pioneering nomadic trailblazer gutsiness to meet my dreams intentions desires wealth success love innovation etc… on a mountain peak overlooking pristine mountain valley showcasing streams of success

That ardently flow into my rivers of prosperity that magnificently meander into my oceans of wealth watching wave after way of cascading cash flow swell my bank accounts beyond my wildest dreams as

My sunshine of unconditional love supplies the ethers of the cosmos with idyllic tranquility opening the way for me appreciate receive and accept the universes free flowing love

Unlocking new-fangled visionary pose utile-eyes-zing the clear blue sky as Picasso Canvas to visualize my dreams desires revealing effusive affluent miracles unchaining this new-fangled birthing wonderment

By tilting my head into the dawning heavens until my right eye and left eye focus on one point in the sagacious sky authorizing my left brain and right brain to be one artistic Rembrandt in my mind’s eye setting free

My inner landscape to visualize and birth my cherished connection of heart imagination innovation outcome to be experience the profuse profusion in my corporeal world

By utilizing sagacious serene sky as the canvas I send my conscious mind on site seeing tour liberating my inquisitive artist to birth my Picasso Painting of appreciation love prosperity and accomplishment in the fertile heavens as the immaculate blue sky is my canvas

Unshackles my heartfelt understanding freedom flows when I let go undauntedly unfastens my Broadway Brilliant vivid imagination to paint my real live mural of

My enterprising energies encrypting I understand I can I expand plush prosperity codes in the movie screen of my cells temple mind heart spirit DNA and soul

As I walk in the quintessence of my alluring terra incognita discovering the wisdom fortitude love eavesdropping of the wisdom of the cosmos savoring tantalizing love smelling my oceans of wealth

Touching my streams of success hearing the waterfalls of fun seeing my rivers of prosperity opens my freedom flows when I let go raises the curtain on Broadway Brilliant Show

I am the Rembrandt that  painted my desired life emancipating my pioneering sage that birthed my desired  life liberating my Picasso to appreciate my fame and fortune in a Broadway Brilliant way

Thank You

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