Rocky Mountain Bold

Eye see I am Rocky Mountain Bold standing tall televising my majestic omnipotence unleashing nirvana triumphantly aiming innovative nous into the ethers of the universe unshackling preeminent visions that I am the birther of my desires

My Yahweh opens the way liberating my Rocky Mountain Bold listening prowess to my whispering wisdom within me unlocks my fearlessness to listen to the winds of wisdom as I see the cosmos as seeds of wisdom unfettering my daring meddlesome nomad seeking new-fangled insight from

My ethereal soothsayer understanding the unconquerable all-power quintessence that the Rocky Mountains dauntlessly display to God Galaxy the world and me their titanium backbone unbinds my internal fortitude

To see my omnipotent Rocky Mountain Boldness is projected thru my Grand Teton backbone to listen to breezes of sagacity touch my forthright fortitude of my Mount Wilson Nobility

Smelling the fresh pine scent of pristine prosperity tasting the crystal clear spring water of sumptuous success as I stand stallion strong stalwart tall wapiti graceful like a mountain patiently powerfully maturing thru the four seasons

As I gallantly mature thru my daily encounters standing Mount Elbert stout (Mount Elbert the tallest peak of the Rocky Mountains) resiliently exhibiting my Rocky Mountain Bold unchains my robust oracle charisma keenly yah-zing

Mature omniscient utopian newness terrifically aggrandizing innovative nuances bountifully optimizing love declaring I am the Bald Eagle soaring thru Rockies as the eagle shows its bold valor

Flying above the fray on the surface on the mountain as the eagle soars thru the air with the greatest of ease swooping down when the eagles sees it prey of choice allowing the eagle

To soar another day by choosing to fly above the fray the eagles perches high in the trees above the frantic fray so I choose mirror the Bald Eagle now

I fly above the fray of my life situations with Pikes Peak Perkiness expands me into Rocky Mountain Bold audaciousness unleashing my giant Sequoia of Sapience engaging my visions being the nativity of my desires opening out allowing me

To see the colors of fall sunshine of summer nativity scene of spring and the freedom flows when I let go is the grandness of winter in every facet of my enterprising energies spiritual sapience opens the way for to experience Rocky Mountain Richness

Unbinds my inner landscape to understand when I say I am the birther of my desires it frees my inner mechanisms so now I birth my desires intentions and affluent outcomes in a healthier wealthier way frees my zealous adventurer to realize I am the birther of

My dreams enterprising strengths intentionally realizing-my ever-flowing supplies of my divine inheritance in my daily events visions emotions thoughts feelings and resourceful occurrences opens me out to breathe freely authorizes me

To be Mount Massive unembarrassed to tell people I am moneyed-up mountaineer because I unhooked my corporeal conditioning unfastened my Rocky Mountain Bold Intrepidness to relish being the birther of my desired life understanding

My YHWY opens the way authorizing me to be the Rocky Mountain pioneer boldly taking the guns of pessimism away from marauding bandits of societal bondages poverty and arrogance melting the knives of gossip with

My trailblazing stare freeing people from being held hostage by their internal robber-barons opening their winning wisdom to engage in their Rocky Mountain Boldness to live life like a prosperous pioneering rancher authorizes me to

Display my revolutionary talents at the mountain man rendezvous energizing my cascading cash flow expanding my wealth and harmonizing my health in a blissful bountiful way

As I set in the hot springs of lively lavishness with my  feet soaking in posh luxuriousness emotions swimming in tranquility thoughts soaring in eagle illumination feelings floating on rose pedal serenity

My pioneering will laying in the hammock snoozing my visions are meditating so sublimely so I am sitting on Mount Lincoln hypnotized by my opulent opulence sun bathing my
idyllic utopia basking in Rocky Mountain Bold fresh air in a dynamic fantastic way

Thank You

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