Pikes Peak Perkiness

Eye set free my Pikes Peak Perkiness crowning myself the regal monarch sitting on my zenith of zooming preeminent inquisitive keenness energizing sovereignty propelling effusive affluence kissing profuse emolument realizing knight-errantry intuition North-Starring emancipating savant sapience

Uncluttering my inner landscape unbinding my human bondage disengaging cling on to everything mental imagery unfastens my heart prowess to listen

To the breezes of bountiful brilliance that blow my way today and everyday unleashing my independent emotional understanding

I am the Potentate Pikes Peak Perkiness magnetizing my life untethering my forerunner willingness to see the world as Pikes Peak of enterprising endeavors birthing

My wisdom for the ages opens out wealth ingenious sagacity dignifying opulent money flow oracle-eyes-zes robust tantalizing heartfelt eagerness appreciating genuine effervescent splendor in my mind’s eye

Freeing my soul scenery to be expansively expanded to see my physical world as a tumbleweed allowing tumbleweed intrepidness to be my savvy warrior permitting me to grow to maturity in one life escapade supernaturally understanding when to letting go unleashing my nomad invincibility

To be the tumbleweed recklessly rambling aimlessly across the landscape unhooking my human attachment to my materialistic belongings and the place I was residing bold letting soar my Pikes Peak Perkiness to ricochet around the universe

Like ricochet rabbit in the cartoons unfastens simplicity freeing my laughter to love ardent utopia grinning happily tirelessly enjoying relaxation unfetters my internal compass

To understand by eavesdropping on the ethereal insightfulness of the universe listening to my innermost murmuring canniness meeting my judicious emotions commons sense philosophies and fathomless feelings in sapient silence between

My thoughts in the fields of stainless serene sapience out and beyond my egotistical-self daily right and wrong pessimism unchains clear-sighted visions to meet my new-fangled intuitive innovations

On top of Pike Peak reveals razor sharp choices with crystal clear focus courageously cunningly climb to the prominent pinnacle of Pikes Peak liberating pristine prosperity in my conscious cognizance adamantly expresses to me

Exactly where to put down roots to be the triumphant trendsetter expanding you spiritual sapience brightening your enterprising energies to glow like the sun on a hot summers day reflecting off

The Pacific Ocean showcasing it glowing glamor expressing its Pikes Peak Perkiness to the world brashly saying I am goddess beauty savant wisdom and gazelle graceful with power

To sweep you off your feet and be taken to my depths just like pessimism or allow you relish robust fun mirroring a day at Disney Land and boisterously telling the world and me

I play by my rules as you play by my rules unhinges this newborn percipience as I listen I play by my rules as talk I play by the rules of arrogance dancing to somebody else’s tune

However when I listen to expand my wisdom speak with soothsayer sapience I expansively expand my canny cleverness brilliantly broadening the affluent astuteness in others and the universe frees my inner mechanism

To recognize I am mountaintop after mountaintop of galvanizing genius realizing I am expansive emotional energy unleashing megastar magnetic vibrations forthrightly feeling my Pikes Peak Perkiness adrenaline-charged rush of

My enterprising ideas climbing to the summit of my Pikes Peak Perkiness of Prosperity boldly beaming my Undaunted Ultimate Sprightliness As I beam a hearty smile bravely

Watching the mammoth Grizzly Bears stand up clapping their paws in awe of my Pikes Peak Perkiness authorizing me to set on my the veranda of my villa atop Pikes Peak relishing who I am cherishing my affluent accomplishments savoring

Where I am going on valiant voyage enhancing my spiritual sapience sanctions my enterprising energies to be free flowing birthing my cascading cash flow with me experiencing luxurious luxury in a rainbow gala of animated zestfulness today
and every day in a healthy wealthy way

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

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