Honouring Memorial Day

Eye appreciate the Women and Men that serve our country in the Armed Forces today and in yesteryear allowing me to enjoy the freedoms I experience. This Memorial Day and every day I send prayers of genuine gratitude and heartfelt love to the families of the women and men serving to today in the faraway lands, in this country and to the children spouses and families that have lost loved ones ensuring the citizens of the United States their and my freedoms galvanizing
our way of life.

I thank the gallant Women and Men in the military who sacrificed their blood and life in foreign lands and in our native lands emancipating the world from the egotistical dictators of the world suchas Osama dimwitted Bin Laden, Al kaka and all their leaders, Hitler, So Dumb and insane Hussein etc… in a heartfelt way.

This Memorial Day we honour the women and men who stormed the beaches of Normandy, walked the Ho Chi Min trail, walked the streets of Baghdad, battlefields of Iraq Afghanistan, the trails of Torah Bora. The seal team that invaded the compound of Bin Laden, both sides of Gettysburg, Flanders Field, Pearl Harbor, Battle of the Bulge, Pakistan today, all the other battles and confrontations that allows the people of the world.

To understand they have an alley against Tierney and here in the United States to live relish the Constitutional Rights we are entitled to today. The men and women who sacrificed their life deserve the ultimate respect love and hearten gratitude from the world, this country and me because they walked into the battle with the heart of lion, the willingness of a gunfighter, gallantry of a knightess/knight, the wit of a philosopher, and they engage their terra incognita.

Terra is earth therefore the gutsy warrior priestesses and wise warriors walked the war zone with an omnipotent courage. Understanding incognita is their winning willingness to sashay into unknown zest of freedom in their heart grit-n-get. Our military walks into the unknown today and every day audaciously accepting the task with zeal of a trailblazing pioneer.

While some come thru unscathed, would and some encounter the ultimate sacrifice crossing the river and climbing the mountain sitting on throne of honour. With a keen understanding they won their game of life by opening the way for the world this country and me to have the adventurous opportunity to recognize freedom flows to those who let go in their unique way.

Freeing the world the people of the United States and me to hear the winds of sagacity sprouting seeds of wisdom expanding the populace and me into a giant sequoias of sapience to see the world as an enterprising playground to experience life in galvanizing gusto thru the triumphant terrific-ness of our military titaness/titans. As they walk into battle they all fought fearlessly, honourably, with a clear understanding they had the backs of the fellow servicewomen/men as the fellow servicemen/woman had their backs.

As people of the United States go to sleep and wake up we all encompass a sense of secure freedoms because of the military which I feel this country’s politicians take for granted. Because our so called elected officials pay outside contractors more money than our military women and men in the fields of battle today. I have to question the integrity of our leaders that send people to war and don’t have the guts to pay the people that protect them.

Today we Honouring Memorial Day as hearten omnipotence nurturing our undaunted resolve invigorating natural gallantry memorial-eyes-zing every military-servicewoman/men oratorically realizing impeccable ardent love declaring audacious yah-zing admiration for the peerless woman and men in the United States armed forces.

As I take moment today and every day to say Aloha to the men and women in the military unleashing my chi to send Reiki Energy with a forthright Aloha Spirit with Alo meaning in the presence of the moment and ha is my breath sending the essence of life to all the military woman and men.

To allow them to understand with love in my heart valor in my spirit wisdom in the winds of the world I send divine love energy and light to every service woman and man opening the way for them to recognize they are in the hearts and prayers of their countrymen today and every day in the right way under grace in a picture perfect way.

Unlatching this new premise a war is never over until the last wounded soldier crosses the river and climbs the mountain showing their Congressional Medal of Honour they exude from the core scenery to God, Mrs. Universe the womb of enterprising energies, the world, this country and me. In my eyes and heart every servicewomen/men is a Congressional Medal of Honour recipient for their willingness to allow this people of this country and me to do today everything they choose.

As this world the United States and me are going to picnics, barbeques, to the beach and lounging around is opulently occurring because of our founding fathers, people that stood in picket lines and our military Empresses and Emperors that have stood and are standing for the Bald Eagle allowing the people of the United States to soar with the Eagles today to eternity.

I send forthright regal respect unconditional love and soulful appreciation to the Queens and Kings that are in or have been in the military from the Revolutionary War to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Korea, and every place our military
Savantesses and Savants stand ready willing and gallantly today.

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

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