Sedona Sagacity

Infinite Spirit I give thanks for my Sedona Sagacity opens the way  to unchain the pain unclutter the gutter unlocks the blocks setting free my I  can I understand I expand moxie

Unleashing my peerless seer vigor into the ethers of the universe  setting free my real megastar zeal sealing the deal magnetism unhinging

My spiritual savant to express my philosophizing zip and zing televising my stalwart willingness to dance with my Sedona Sagacity on cosmic stage showing my dapper dauntless dancing abilities at Radio City Music Hall opening the door to let soar

My superstar emblazing determination outlining newborn acuity sending-forth appreciation galvanizing adroit communication initiating truthful yeah-zing dazzling insight blatantly untethering and clearing the networks

To flow like Oak Creek with the spiritual serenity of the Bell Rock Vortex gently enriching the soul opening my eyes to see the Red Rocks of Sedona

Mirrors me unlocking the blocks between my Yahweh super conscious subconscious conscious DNA heart cells in my temple unraveling

The graveling chatter in my internal-self liberating me from listening to the pessimism of society freeing my spinto spree suaveness in my Sedona Sagacity that when someone says you can’t do that reveals the sex appeal in my intensifying

My appreciation for my gunfighter moxie because I realize I idol-eyes my terrific trust in my I can I understand I expand do abilities to idealize the new-fangled spirit to comprehend

When somebody says you can’t do that I unleash my Tiger in my Sedona Sagacity to so ohhhh yes I can you can’t but I can because I have the guts and will to expand my wisdom unfasten the seat of security soar

With the eagles right past the space station passing Saturn into my own frontier of wealth and success because I love who I am and embrace my grit-n-get boldly brazenly walking my talk

Telling them and the world from heart cavalier in no holds barred way I am able to do what they can’t do because they told they can’t and lack the heart when a person says

I can’t subliminally they hear contagious apathetic neediness tormenting one-self to live inside societies rules and cloning they encountered all there life when I hear can’t that tells me to commit action naturally tantalizing the ethers with
my Sedona Sagacity unpinning

This parvenu premise that public speaking and death aren’t the two largest pools of quicksand people think they encompass instead the two hidden rattlesnakes that bite people’s willingness to take action on their ideas poisoning their inner landscape is trusting their abilities and attaining wealth and success

By realizing their daily encounters are seeds of wisdom energizing enterprising wit to see your life being lived on top of the Cathedral Rock vortex in an idyllic luminary light

Drains the brain of old paradoxes brilliantly broadening their inventive brilliance to relish their journey glorifying their Sedona Sagacity to live and reside inside wealth and success in a Captain Kirk way

Because people know how to make excuses to fail however they don’t understand the energy of wealth and success until they understand freedom flows when they let go authorizes me to fee the emotional synergy energy of

Boynton Canyon Vortex excites my Sedona Sagacity Electricity exhilarates love expands chivalry thrilling robust innovative concentration initiating trust yessing

The sumptuous synergy of my desires allowing me to meet my dreams intentions and to feel the lavish elixir of the Airport Vortex in the savant Sedona Sun

As I walk the streets of Sedona basking in the beauty of the Red Rocks feeling the quietude in my eternal quintessence to enjoy the pristine grandness elevates my enlivened enlightenment

As I walk in the nomadic saintliness of my pioneering preeminence loving impeccable fancy effusiveness in a plush sun bathed Red Rock Crossing Vortex way           

Thank You

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