Polar Bear Moxie

Infinite Spirit I give thanks for my undaunted understanding my Polar Bear Moxie breaths my ancient wisdom into the ethers of the universe unbinding my spine to exude the sand to stand for who I am

To boldly face my daily encounters with an open heart to blissfully listen with open an prowess to broaden my brilliance tasting that tantalizing nectars of success smelling the roses of riches along the way touching people lives

With my wisdom utilizing my eagle eyes to see the tropical utopia today and everyday unembarrassingly unleashing my Yahweh to open the way for my ancient wisdom and my God within to

Launching my sublime flight rocketing my divine white light brazenly beaming my gleaming wisdom across the heavens like the sun rising over the horizon forever and always in all ways energizing my sired desires frees me to understand

When I am telling the world their challenges fear and chaos I am selling my challenges fears and chaos thinking I am the leader but in reality I am follower of ingrained cloning unlocks this new-fangled premise I am really selling

The world my fears chaos and challenges because the words I write and word’s I say are me judging the world from my point of view feeding my ego and conscious mind knowing I am somebody to change the world because change is causing hopelessness antagonizing namby-pamby exhaustion

Rather than energetically expanding the world thru savant sapience and me seeing the triumphant truth the world is my mirror instead I am seeing the world through prior ingrained imprints from childhood till now

With my emotional feelings engaged in today’s current events with yesterday’s paradoxes being today’s experiences and outcomes resembling yesterday’s results

Because think and know unhinge the Polar Bear shortcomings jump to conclusions have severe challenges adapting to new situations lack of personality knowing everything and how everybody else should live according to your egotistical arrogance with a cold heart etc…

Just say the words I know … and I think … you will feel your eyes narrow and you inner landscape tighten up shutting down your intuitive inquisitiveness interrupting innovative curiosity minimizing your gutsiness

To run freely thru your life mimics a polar bear swimming in the Bering Sea or running gallantly across the tundra unfurling your savant valor to expand the world out of mundane change paradoxes opening the way for people

To flow in letting go of your childhood societies hideous pecking order school system teachings and listening to other people who tell and sell their burping BS of you can’t do people are free of fear because selling change is selling yesterday by
releasing you and the world from the bondage

Of clamoring change into relishing the omnipotence of verbalizing the words expand energize enterprise experience to emotionally feel the prominent phenomenons that brashly open your chakras heart and eyes to see the world in golden glow of opportunity in a wealthy perfect way

The truth is change is creating havoc apathetically nullifying good everyday in every way thru egotistical lackadaisicalness telling the world what you know and how you think subliminally is asking the universe to bring a mirror into your presence in the form of a challenge person etc…

To unhook the ball and chain of drama and trauma that change transformation heal expectations create want and need subliminally open up from previous experiences unravels me to expand out and thru the situation into new paradigms and the person

I choose to be because change means change the challenge and people involved with me feeling good inside while living with the same ingrained paradoxes in the inner scenery

Because I sell to tell my drama rather than expand my sand to unbridle my polar bear moxie to stand up see my fears are my friends energizing adroit realizations to the light of wisdom unchaining the pain of fear freeing me

To realize fear is dear to my subliminal landscape because it served a purpose once and only once however after the first it becomes a safety net to the subconscious mind so now in my heart I realize my fears are

My first expanding acumen revolution-eyes-zing newborn wealth innovation sapience dignifying omniscient magnificence blossoming into omnipotent peace I understand instantly that chaos is connecting harmony astute omnipotence sanctioning

Me to  see my new keen seeds of wisdom sprouting into giant sequoias of sapience opens the way for me
to showcase my Yahweh’s beaming gleaming wit thru my valiant gallantry to
glisten while listening for my inner fears

To come up for air mimicking the polar bear listening for a seal to come up for air to unleash my inner polar bear to recognize my fears are like the seal in the sea because seals have a built in instinct every time they come up for air encompassed with challenges because the polar bear waits patiently for dinner

Just like my love for myself wisdom and grit waiting for my trepidation and apprehension to stick their heads up from the deep depths of my subliminal just having a burning desire to be a pain in the butt so

I hug um with love so now my fears are like the seal fun to watch play my fears are instantly in the flow of letting go expanding into wisdom energizing the love I encompass for my polar bear moxie

To swim in my arctic terra incognita to bask in the sunshine of my polar bear ancient wisdom connecting me to my spiritual mystical magical gloriousness unshackling my willingness to understand

Who I am unlocking my polar bear moxie to understand my fears are like the seal under the ice coming up for air because the Polar Bear listens for the seal for survival mirrors me listening for revival of

My sapience exalting affluence loving one-self allows me to send out unconditional love when fears expose their nakedness allowing me to understand they are an illusion now they show me their nascent astute keenness energizing dauntless nirvana expanding savant sapience

Because a polar understands when and how to listen unleashing their nimble agility to take action while enjoying the patience of a saint showcasing a tremendous talent of emotional balance and stability in their walk thru life

According to the Inuit wisdom the Polar Bear Soul*ar energy is keeper of ancient wisdom and the liaisons with the spirit world so as you give free rein to your Polar Bear Moxie to run wild

Across the tundra unhinging my grit get and wit to adventurously entertain an omnipotent keen nascent spiritual journey adamantly arousing my preeminent potential and artistic abilities televising

My preeminent opulent love audaciously realizing brilliant ennobling acumen revolution-eyes-zing moneyed-up opulence x-raying ingenious enterprising energies seeing the spiritual images of my sired desires visualizing my cherished outcomes fun in the fun beaches in the right way in a loving way under grace in a lively loving way

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

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