Lake Chelan Cool

Eye see I am Lake Chelan Cool throughout my daily adventures because I mirror Lake Chelan in the Washington State Lake Chelan is the 3rd deepest lake in the United State and 24th deepest in the world emulates the depths of my courage wisdom stubbornness

To withstand the encounters that test my wit and patience in my daily occurrences emancipates my hardheadedness to be an asset liberating my sand to I stand up for who I am to expand thru life situations

With my Polar Bear Moxie and Lake Chelan Cool without succumbing to the pessimism that is hurled at me like summer thunderstorm in the Cascade Mountains frees to me understand I am Lake Chelan Cool in heat of my daily happenstances

Echoing eastern Washington’s hot summer days with Lake Chelan water is always cool and clear paralleling my inner waters are cool and calm in the heat of my day when the events of my day are hurling hail stones of activity at me and everybody thinks

I should jump like a dancing chicken on hot stove sanctions to lose the dancing chicken prance dancing somebody else’s chance to desensitize my self-worth to utilize my wisdom for their gain so

I now dozy do my prancing dance unbinding mind beam the gleam of my Lake Chelan Cool swim in peace optimizing opulence listening to heart bliss in all phases of my life because when

I run I have no fun so now I loll in stroll of love optimizing lively laughter that unlatches the latch of attachment of what i know and what I have always done opens the door for parvenu percipient prosperity to roar thru

My door authorizing me to soar in the flow in the glow of the go opens way for to say I have won my game of life with gusto as I sashay to pay window of life allows me to experience peace affluence yessing all

My sired desires in a brightened enlightened way so now I am in the go of my glow freeing me to flow opening the way for my Tsi-Laan treasuring simple ingenuity loving aspiring ardent nirvana to emulate the rugged mountains that surround Lake Chelan brightly highlighting the serene pristine serenity of Lake Chelan

Opens the way for me to understand Tsi-Laan is the Salish Indian name for Lake Chelan means deep water therefor I am Lake Chelan Cool in the depths of my resolve authorizing me to be Cascade Mountain Bold and Lake Chelan Cool in my adventures through my heaven on earth

With my blood flowing thru my veins in Lake Chelan Cool my core wit to be clear as my streaming wisdom flowing in from all sources impersonating the streams that flow into Lake Chelan from the snow pack in the Cascade Mountains emulating the clear cold water of Lake Chelan

Allows me to express my I expand my sand when I a listening with a deep nu-clear flow of water running my core scenery just like Lake Chelan is nestled in between the mountains unlock’s the blocks of divine communication between

My super conscious subconscious conscious heart cells in my temple DNA spirit soul and senses opening the gushing flow of wisdom to be in the glow of my glistening listening to free my spree sapience prayer realizing expansive expansion

My Lake Chelan Cool in the glimmering glow of my wisdom innovation listening loving myself to love the world wealth optimizing robust life declaring I am Lake Chelan Cool to fortify the synergy of

My energy mirroring the Stehekin River the largest inflowing waterway into Lake Chelan through Lake Chelan Hydroelectric Dam into the Chelan River that flows into the Columbia River that flows in the Pacific Ocean

Showcasing Lake Chelan’s prowess to broadcasts its shimmering glimmering glory of its pristine beauty lighting up the world with it electric power to feeding the fish and water sports from high the Cascades

To the Pacific Ocean photo imaging prophesying my luminary brilliance turning on my bright lights of my Lake Chelan Cool gallantry sending forth my forthright electricity sagacity to expand the innovation in people so they show their Chelan Cool in a wealth wise way

As I am waterskiing on the Lake Chelan showcasing my animate agility of my artful abilities to listen ardently keenly expanding communication energizing lively audaciousness nurturing compendious opulent opulence loving life

Showcasing my Lake Chelan Cool Yahweh showing Cascade Golden Bolden wisdom to breathe the mountain air of glamorous glory in a bountiful blissful way

Thank You
Robert A. Wilson

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