Omnipresent Omnipotent

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Infinite Spirit I give an heartfelt thanks for my omnipresent omnipotent chi that flows through the universe like the sun shining through a window on warm spring day with grass broadcasting its emerald essence to the universe mirroring

My universal all-powerful unconquerable omnipresent omnipotent  Yahweh that opens way for me to be in the flow in the go to glow like Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry lighting up the cosmic rays to beam my gleams of omniscient majestic nobility intensifying

Prosperity realizing-my energizing sharp-witted Neptune talent opening magnanimous newness invigorating potent optimistic thaumaturgy emblazing newborn thunder-bolting fortunes empowering me to grasp

I am in the flow of my go letting go of what I know opens the way for my Yahweh to free my spree to understand I expand my sand to stand with a titanium backbone to brazenly face my daily experiences with grit & wit

Mirroring the founding fathers spirit unlocks the blocks undocking my rock’em sock’em enterprising life-force unleashes my healthy wealthy wisdom galvanizes my kingdom energizing

My streaming beaming cascading cash flow electrifying my banks account to shimmer with the glimmering bright lights of my Rhine River of prosperity that soars as it pours into my North Sea of success

That gallantly glides my talisman tides escalating my Atlantic Ocean of wealth in lavishing ravishing way today and every day riding my gliding tides of sagacity televising my nlightened brightened Yahweh omnipresent omnipotent wise willingness to the cosmos

To express my audacious astuteness to expand watchful inquisitiveness sanguinely ennobling wisdom innovation love listening intuition nurturing genuine nascent Spartan sovereign-eyes-zing

My emotional landscape to feel my inner freedom emancipating me from my slithering withering stinking thinking and blowing knowing that what I have been taught and hindsight is 20/20 frees me

To understand seeds wisdom I use today mimic’s a medical professional using hypodermic needle they both are one time use so now I am open willing and receptive to allow these words to exit my vocabulary know think  help can’t won’t change transform create heal expectation want need expect expert

Because I now realize these words invoke listening to know more than the other people and an arrogance I am smarter than you drama trauma closing down and shutting down my courageous curiosity

As I now express words that have optimistic action associated with them as the free the inner mechanism clearing the chakras head up seeking searching eyes open to see the golden opportunity

Such as expansive expansively expand energize enterprise galvanize electrify experience unlock unleash etc… liberating me to relish my audaciousness adroitness to expansively expand my wisdom

Energizing my enterprising endeavors birthing my sired desires electrifying my bright divine white light showcasing my copious copiousness as I luxuriously dine on fine wines amplifying my omnipresent omnipotence recognizing

I have won my game of life with galvanizing gusto today and every day in grand ole Opry way authorizing me to appreciate me for having the guts to zealously explore and energetically expand thru my of sanctioned character maturity

To relish unchaining my pain unbinding my mind draining my brain of old paradoxes increasing the grease to release old patterns unbridle my heart landscape to understand  I can expand moxie to love living in the moment
to valiantly voyage into

My terra incognita with the heart of lion tenacity of polar bear gracefulness of elk running across a mountain valley to listen like lynx to my core with sanctioning my Yahweh omnipresent omnipotent prowess to show me the way to relish my heaven on earth adventures as

I walk my talk of expanding the wealth with people by opening their eyes to see the life in vision of vivid inspirational sapience innovative optimizing natural artistry painting their cherished experience in the sky seizing

Their pie in the sky opulence tasting the cherished cherry pie of success smelling canon-eyes-zed air of omnipotent peace seeing their prayers opening new pathway as they hear their omnipresent marching band playing their song of unconquerable spirit in a rich lively way

As I go in the flow of glowing utopia I see my Aloha Spirit water boarding on my posh plush Pacific Ocean of lavish avalanches of abundances allowing me to play fun in the sun games to watch wave after wave of serene tranquility streaming its beaming rays of glorious ceremonious life in a rabble-rousing rich way

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

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