Freedom Flows When I Let Go

Eye fathom freedom flows when I let go to be in the flow of my glow energizing synergizing jazzercising my get-up-and-go accepting my cascading cash flow freeing my inner spree to extravagantly dance my prancing glimmering shimmering forthright revolution-eyes-zing Enterprising energies dignifying omnipotent mettlesome focused leadership optimizing wealth wisdom harmonizing expansive nervy innovation listening expanding tenacious genius optimizing

My vivid visions gunfighter willingness healthy hardheadedness savant stubbornness candid candor to do what I say unleashing my Yahweh to open the way to expand people to drain the pain in

Their physical plane and subliminal landscapes of their previous life escapades unbind their inner mind unlocking who they are unchaining the same mediocrity of today being yesterday nimbly liberates them to understand they have the sand to say I can and I am

Audaciously adoring living on their ocean liner of love wealth and success with a new-fangled way to experience life by encouraging their courageous curiosity to emotionally engaging in their sired desires expanding their wisdom energizing

Their dreams electrifying their innovation embellishing their visions unleashing their enterprising sage freeing their entrepreneurial utopian effortlessly edifying their self-respect ennobling

Their gunfighter will unfastening their winning innovation laudable listening adroitness emblazing them to soar thru the door aiming their eagle eye on their golden prize seeingtheir opulent opportunities enthralling them to drink the fine wines of life enlarging

Their bank accounts enlightening their luminary lithe to walk their talk emancipating their iron-will to enkindle their effervescent life experiences to enjoy relishing their plush prosperous life of riley in a enlivened enriched way

As I sunbath in my peaceful rays realizing audaciousness yeses singing boldly and loudly my freedom flows when I let go magnifies the feel of my wheels of fortunes beaming gleaming brilliance embracing avalanches-of money-flow invigorating never-ending grandeur

Unhinging whooping hollering exalting entertaining liveliness spiritual-eyes-zing omniscient farsightedness freeing omnipresent talent unleashing newborn extravagant sumptuous luxurious luxuriousness

To relish a snappy new paradigm I am in the flow of my glowing go to soar in my core to live and reside inside lively love lissome love windfalls of wealth and mammoth success today and every day in the right way in a loving way under grace in a rich robust way

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

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