Beam Gleam of Love

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

I beam gleam of love by being in the glimmer glow of  letting go unlatches the latches attachment of my big-ole-ego’s muddling befuddling stranglehold of inner scenery the woe of the medication of the societal education

That is my self-imposed limitation ingraining The pain of what other people think is the stink of my think exposing cloning of my knowing hoodwinking of my overthinking smearing of the fears of change as the caustic cause of my coach-potato-I-tice creating

My apathetic apparatus transforming my lackadaisical try peels scarring scabs of heal opening the wounds of my victimizing why is this happening to my plastering the past in forefront my conscious mind that love is blind opens The way for me to see past is the plaster cast as sustained sprained brainwashing mobilizing immaturity of insecurity as the fairy tale of the tell is smell the material world sells as the enemy in the enema of would-da should-da could-da

That creates the prattle and the rattle of my inner chatter instills the illusionary pills of the insane of the same dimes rhyme in subliminal mind to be the student of the insane of the same opens the door for me to soar unbridling my maharishi mastermind

To understand I encompass superstar audacious natural discernment to unleash the kapish of celebrated liberated quick-witted intrepid emotional sassiness vitalizing my free flowing forthright feelings to expand My innovative dynamisms to electrify my bright light of my free flowing divine white light brightening rainbow light of my hearts delight galvanizing my gallivanting newborn keen pristine percipience darting

My hearts smarts in to the universal vista adamantly articulating my love as lionized optimism vivaciously energizing emblazing my lively oracle VIP eminence walking the talk of my daring new-fangled leadership orchestrating virtuous endeavors unshackling

Life-force ordained vista’s enriching the milk chocolate landscape of the universe unfastening lavish opulence vivaciously experiencing love innovation freedom enjoying land of utopia cornucopia living opulently virtually

Expressing keen pristine laudable optimistic verve exulting awesome liberating omniscient vim & vigor embracing who I am in my innermost prosperous prowess undocks the yacht launching-my omnipotent visionary empowering Luminary owlish vibrant empery unfettering the fame in brain unhinging my singing fervent astute monarch entertaining my leisure opalescent valorous effervescence to serenely sunbath on my beaches of plush prosperity to loll-n-stroll of- a very effusive

Never ending cascading cash flow to relish the flow of my awe-inspiring live and let live originality vacationing everyday in an extraordinary way in the glow of my go to love openly victoriously everyday In present moment in every way in the right way in a loyal way under grace in a picture perfect way to wine and dine myself in the prime time of my Divine Order in the pow of the wow of now

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