Gleaming Beaming Wisdom

By Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

I am gleaming beaming wisdom opening out the fine rich shine of my resolute natural nascent glisten listening wisdom

To philosophically preeminent-eyes my charismatic character to soar thru the cosmic rays identifying

My profound fame to express my spirited stainless percipience claiming

My thunderous illustriousness to play on my plane of profuse profusion assailing my universal spherical sapience synchronizing my oomph of triumph

To do up the world in swirl of stout-hearted winning innovation realizing love undauntedly decreeing me to live oratorically vehemently energizing

My get up and go to unfurl my wise oracle-eyes-zing robust liveliness declaring the guts unlashing the sash of my fearless semper of

My edifying empress/emperor to boldly excel expansively x-ling classy laudable dignity to showcase the hypnotizing dance of my entrancing faculties enriching

The universal vista with my vision intuition salient titan adventures open Pandora’s Box of enthralling thrills enrapturing my thundering wonders of my life’s marveling mysteries

Opening the way for me to say I love myself for who I am because I embrace my savvy sagaciousness to understand

Those whom I see with challenges are my universal mirror showing me the way to realize when I let go fissuring the seizure of seeing

The way other folks live their life their faults and the challenges others face encompass and endure is me smearing my fears within me shows me I am unclear impure and unwilling

To take the bull by the horns to gallantly grasp that my external world is my internal decor asking for teachers to expose my inner woes that when I am itching my bitching about them is really me winding my internal whining about

My unwillingness to look in the mirror to understand it is my savant sagacity paging my inner opponent to see that it is me itching my bitching about me or my circumstances

Binding my mind in the smallpox of my daily life paradoxes unlatches my attachment of in a fight

To be right all the time staying stuck in the muck of pigheaded haughtiness frees my innermost spree to ordain my

Undaunted utopian-eyes-zing zeal to showcase my sassy sex appeal to prance my dauntless dance down the red carpet of copious cornucopia to

Unlocking my ocular oracle to engage my visionary sage energizing my state-of-the-art courage to expand my wisdom unsheathing my entrepreneurial get grit and wit to birth my sired desires

To explode my enterprising endeavors embellishing my sassy sexy success to enhance the tango of my winning wealth

To relish my impeccable unimpeachable pristine serene posh plushness today and every day in a free flowing fun way

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

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