Engage My Visionary Sage

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

Eye engage my visionary sage to see the world in a wonderful way to stroll in my rock n roll hall of fame to be in the flow of the go

Letting go of yesterday’s festering expectations activating reality inflaming blistering lame arraigned mundane engrained shame ingraining

The pain of previous attached instances naysaying my will to play in the my game of my fame

Because I choose to listen to the naysayers neglecting my savant soothsayer that engaged my inner sage so now

I choose to impeach the leeches unchaining painless virtuous letting-go expansively experiencing clear-pure heaven-on earth sanguine pristine prosperity

Unwinds my stainless spine unlashing my dazzling pizzazz to unshackle my spectacular liberating libretto to emphasize my wise to realize

Prayer reveals-the-sex-appeal-of omnipotent serene peace emancipating regal integrity tenaciously yessing my Yahweh to open the way for me

To shake rattle and roll the worldwide prize of the inner wise in peoples heart smarts opening out their hearts delight

To live their sired desires in a lavish luxurious experience in a regal rich way as I go on my way

To sashay down my paved highway of prosperous acumen-eye-zing visions expanding discernment harmonizing innovative genius hallowing wealth opulently magnifying

Magnanimous adroit galvanizing newborn ingenuity freeing-my yeah-zing intuitive natural global noble preeminence to

To understand I encompass undaunted natural determination energizing real stand tall audacious nobility

Declaring dignified expanding clarity living astutely reveling in nimble gracefulness

To genuinely reveal ardent credence emblazing flaming unconditional love nurturing ebullient suave sagacity

Electrify the atmosphere with the pith of nu-clear unalloyed prosperity unlocking robust emolument authorizing me to reside in

Enriched moneyed-up opulence living ultra-modern-eyes-zed electrifying new-fangled tour-de-force is my awesome source

To soar omnipotently unleashing real colossal enterprising wit to willfully invigorate tantalizing affluence

To sun bath on my beaches of copious utopia because I engaged my visionary sage to galvanize

My opulent outcomes in a dazzling glamorous way today and every day in a splendid supreme way

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

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