Ten biggest fears:

1) Trusting one-self’s abilities and choices that will open
out your white light innovation

2) Wealth and success

3) Being different than society’s political correctness. Worrying about what other people think about you and what you are doing.

4) Anybody or anything that does anything different than you,
school system, corporate cloning & society’s political correctness invokes
fear in your subconscious scenery.

5) Partaking in one-self’s inner journey of letting go of
your-self, inflicted drama trauma and unleashing white light innovation that is
truly out of the box.

6) Forgiveness because forgiveness is a one time, event
forgiving you for being shy listening to others stories hindsight and your
would-da should-da could-da’s.

7) You wanting your life stories to top everybody stories
induces the trauma in the subconscious mind.

8) Thinking you are smarter than somebody because people fear
what everybody else is doing and how they are doing it

9) Really taking the deep inner journey to let go of the
mundane of being busy and productive into relaxing and facilitating your life
in regal rich way

10) Understanding you encompass the ability to birth your
sired desires to experience your life with galvanizing gusto.

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

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