I Am the Divine Expressing My Spiritual Wise

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I am the divine expressing my spiritual wise to supersize my supernatural utopian percipience expanding robust nascent astuteness tantalizing undaunted regal acuity loving my life

In the wow of the pow now energizing the kinetic keepers of the enterprising ethers of the diverse universe with my rabble rousing daring innovative visions expanding

Revolution-eyes-zing sapience serendipity-lee animating prosperity intrepidly enriching newfound clarity engaging my inner sage

Emblazing my divine spiritual wise to unleash the kapish of my brazen wisdom instigating superstar enthusiasm to understand I command my communicating omniscience

Majestically magnetizing ardent nurturing decree discerning-my edifying credence realizing effusive emolument because I encompassed a womp-em stomp-em kick ass take name

To attain and retain the autonomous altitude to soar with the eagles unshackling my electrifying audacious genius exuberantly sanctifying

My phenomenal walk thru my wizardry adamantly loving my kindred spirit frees my inner spree to prance the parlance of my cash dance

As I sit on my cloud nine lined with my golden outcomes of my wealth and success intentions that illuminated my gunfighter will wisdom innovation loving life in
my grit get and go mode

Opened the way for my Yahweh to be my preeminent premier as my peerless seer to be the Admiral on my ship that catapulted me on my valiant voyage to experience

My visualizations omnipotently yessing-my avant-garde genius emancipating my gallivanting gallantry as

I suavely sashay over my sassy seas of sexy success unhinging the synergy of a my captivating my flow in the of my lavish never ending cash flow

As I am sunbathing on my beaches of bountiful pristine richness as I watch wave after wave of omnipotent peace flow into my life thru me into the grand ole
galaxy galvanizing

My heart zeal I feel for my rainbows of tranquility that fills my life in a in a serene keen way today and everyday as I am the divine expressing my spiritual
wise in an optimistic oracle way

Thank You

Tom Ski

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