My Real Appeal is My Sassy Classiness
My real appeal is my sassy classiness unleashing my perplexing sexy stout-hearted electrifying x-ray yahooing Yahoo to sing with a rocketing roar of brazen brilliance in a rabble rousing way
I have won my game of life busting the rust on the ingrained pain of the money game opening out a free flowing canonized cash flow by yessing-my audacious heartiness
Opening out-my intrepid intuitive genius authorizing me to realize when I unlock my gallant gutsiness to visual-eyes my life as a sassy sexy orgasm energizes my seismic waves of sumptuous success
Opening-out-a robust galloping orgy of wealth to beam the gleam of bountiful expansive affluence manifesting in my plush prosperity accounts because
I choose to emancipate my galvanizing gunfighter backbone to exalt the salt within my heart to delight the enlighten light of love imagination galvanizing harmony today and every day in my mind’s eye
To paint a portrait of my sired desires on every hilltop mountain top savannah and valley in the cosmos to enlightened my mind’s eye light inciting the excitement of my emotional feelings to my intrepid intentions
Galvanizing the gusto of my cherished outcomes marvelously mirroring my greatest orgasm I ever experienced in my inner landscape to feel the explosive
Enterprising release of my realness into the universal vista freeing my emotional energies to flow like Niagara Falls unlocking my superstar avatar loving today opening the way for
My zillionaire zeal to unbridle my sassy sex appeal to the world showcasing my megastar regalness to the world as I am man with a plan to expand
The world into copious utopia with the winning will to rock on my front porch relishing living in my virtuous villa optimizing opulence in a lively succulent way today and every day in a galloping galvanizing way
Thank You
Amy Lignor
Robert A. Wilson
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