My Omniscient Oracle Unleashes My Pioneering Visionary
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My omniscient oracle unleashes my pioneer visionary unbinds my stalwart spine slashing the lash on my conquering trailblazer to tenaciously rev-up-my ardent impeccable love bountifully
Living affluence zealously expanding robust enterprising energies to enliven my soul to send out unconditional love experiencing the suave sassiness of
My energizer bunny brilliance untethering newborn nuances yessing my natural utopian acumen nobly congratulating every person on the earthly plane for unlocking
Their unique nouveau-rich lissome optimizing courage-to kick-ass expand their wisdom page their inner sage to engage their augmenting augury vitalizing their vibrant intrepid intuition
To recognize their incredible gallant genius to ride the winds of sumptuous success mirroring a jockey riding a Kentucky Derby winner as I unlatch my snappy sassy swashbuckler sashay
To walk in the radiating of the brightened light of my ride the tides of wealth because I choose to engage my savant sage to be in the flow of the go of my moral ethical modernization of
The universe to expand the wisdom wealth winning ways of the world to energize the rainbow inventions within people authorizing people to have plan
To escape the corporate fascism game of lame and inflamed blame of the insane of the same opening the expansive escapades of living their dream their way in a lavish luxury way as
I fly high on my cloud nine walking my golden road rich opulent affluence decreeing I bask in the sun of my omniscient oracle unleashed my pioneer visionary
Too feel the breezes of bountiful bliss on my cheeks today and every day in copious utopia way in a keen serene pristine scene in my heart mind temple spirit soul and in divine order in a picture perfect experience
Thank You
Amy Lignor
Robert A. Wilson
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