I Abound in Boldness & Astound With Wisdom
I abound in boldness & astound with wisdom mirroring endless beautiful bliss I see in my sheen pristine blue skies of my mind’s eye emulating the brazen bold beautiful brilliance of the Teton Mountains photocopying
Me looking across the posh plushness of savannahs of world visual-eyes-zing the pristine prosperity of the vast prairies of the west to glide in the stride of
My preeminent prominence showcasing my stout-hearted resolve to revolutionize enterprising sagaciousness optimizing lively visions expanding the wisdom of understand
I expand my I can when I real-eyes my canonized abilities naturalize my success when I choose to let go of saying think and know because when I say think and know
I am in the blizzard of the fink of my think stuck stink of my overthink and wallowing in my know it all stall slithering in my arrogant crawl spiraling down to
My egotistical fall landing me in the smell of my tell eating my humble pie translated is the pooh in my stew binding my subconscious mind in the paradox of
The small pox of my material immaturity of my I can’t mindset constipates my mind and has me living the insane of the mundane
So now is the time for the fool in me to flush the stool unbinding my titanium spine ride the money train into the promised land of
Prosperity realizing omnipotence magnificently innovating success enjoying-the delicacies of life loving infinite freedom electrifying my spirit mind body
To experience a bountiful blissful of my lively lithe to relish my lavish luxurious life in a sassy sexy loving way
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching/Be Wisdom Publishing
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I am NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Past Regression Specialist, Reiki Master, Radio Show Host, Parts Integration and Time Line Coach.
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Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching: Is about Energizing your Personal expansion and Spiritual Enrichment through allowing you to experience your life rather than allowing life to control you.
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching: Embarks you on a journey to energize your financial spiritual personal and emotional sovereignty by galvanizing brand new subliminal blueprints steering you out of confusion into wisdom to unleash your entrepreneurial talents.
Next, electrify your choices bond you’re day to day encounters’ with your pioneering genius allows you to real-eyes your highest results.
By unifying your everyday life and your desired life, you unlock freshly minted understanding to reveal your boundless financial, personal, spiritual, and emotional independence in all facets of your life authorizing you to experience your life purpose opening the gates to your copious cornucopia.
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