My Thanksgiving Living is My Heartfelt Giving
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My Thanksgiving living is my heartfelt giving opens the way for my heart hallowedness to be my game to expand my canonized abilities throughout ethereal ethers of the universe
Enriching my soul opening my heart to send out unconditional love allowing me to prosper exponentially discovering new profound endowment within my winning whims of wisdom
Electrifying my neon discernment optimizing wisdom manifesting ennobling new things from my rich robust imaginative charisma harmonizing my life experiences
To understand I see wealth is others as a way to play soothsayer Santa Claus charismatically animating rich élans in a my core décor
Lighting up peoples Thanksgiving desires to be experienced in a galvanizing glorious parade today and every day in a pristine pleasurable way
Opens universal purpose authorizing people of the cosmos and me to prosperously support the rapport revving-up the universal vista as highway of astounding abounding affluence
With our eyes wide open to see our seas of success by hearing the world opportunities knocking loudly and boldly on our front door as we open to door to Promised Land
As I feel my feet touch pathways of profuse useful prosperity unleashes my omnipotent infinite intelligence discovering new ways for me to passionately release old ways sincerely propelling ennobling revelations initiating telepathic yesses
As the way I play in my new aged sagacious world that is the pearl of preeminent enterprising affluence realizing love unlocks clocks freeing
My mind from the linear time expanding my spiritual serenity to savor the new flavor of lively omnipotence visualizing everybody wealth wise full of pious pizazz
Unsheathing my razz-le dazzle revolutionizing avant-garde Zorro zeal living every moment discerning ardent zest zinging lively em-blazing hair raising innovation
Because I choose to implode the commode of mundane living the insane of the same realizing I am the empowered Zorro beaming bold augur astuteness
Unleashing my Zorro of tomorrow now articulating today’s stimulating common sense intentions igniting intuitive intensity waving
My magic wand fanning preternatural enchantment unsealing regal rich intuitive natural talent escalating newborn ingenuity
Opening the way today for me to play the Yahweh yea-sayer in my fields of dreams opening way for my high pay
Prayer animating yesses in all phase of my life equals laser intuition freeing everything I desire in fired up way
By strumming my steel guitar geniusness unleashes my gallivanting avatar guitarist singing my I won songs because I choose to have fun in getting done with waning in the mundane
Opens the way for me to snow ski on my Swiss Alps of success feeling my snowboarding of wealth bequeathed to me from Yule Tide ride
Televising my Thanksgiving sleigh ride over fresh virgin snow sparkles with my lavish avalanches of opulent opulence in a rich rainbow way and in Divine Order now
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
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