My Yule Tide Ride Tithes My Santa Claus Wise
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My Yule Tide Ride Tithes My Santa Claus Wise tantalizes my Christmas Spirit to ring my true soothsayer resolve is my resolution solutions emancipating me from
To blissfully bless myself for letting go of being dressed in stress distressing over everything that pings bells of hell in my subliminal mind
With the pun I have to get it done yesterday hell-hallucinations festering and pestering my selfish shallowness as I realize this is disguise of nothing more than my big-go ego
Taunts and flaunts me into hyper hysteria making me feel important in my stubborn silly ego stifling the joy of my holiday experience transforms my prideful cynicism
To be my rude scrooge as chaperoning binding the mind with a tailspin that I have to be one pleasing everybody doing everything for everybody as they sit on their duff
Doffs and cuffs me into hearing the jeers of you have to this for me is the ball and chain causing pain in my posterior stress, creating hollow hallucination giving me pollution of an illusion
That I am running behind and have more to do than I really have do causes the insane of the insane creating the madness of the mundane
So when I choose to let go of you disillusioned collusion of my self-inflicted drama dictating my trauma of I have to do it now
As the plow of disallow stops now expands my enterprising energies into I choose to this now sanctions me to understand
It is my choice to voice my daily undertakings taking my egotistical naughtiness out of the equation faking out my have to do it now egotistical haughtiness
Untethers my copious utopia delighting my heart letting loose Christmas Cheer revealing a crystal clear paradigm presenting a pioneering Christmas Pizazz to realize
I now choose to peruse-N-cruise enticing my spicy Christmas Charisma to be the pow of my wow of now prowess audaciously and vivaciously setting free Christmas my Spree
Celebrating my Christmas Extravaganza liberating my divine librettist chi prophesizing-my revered effervescent epiphanies to say “I play today in a youthful reindeer way”
Unleashing my Noel Nuances reveals my oracle light that shines so optimistically bright unlocks the blocks from people hearts
Unfetters their real Christmas Spirit opening their hearts that opens their giving showing their Yule Tide Tithing Spirit to graciously give to others in a rich spiritual way
Open people’s eyes to see Christmas Time is prime time to receive their Yule Tide Gifts unsealing their undaunted clout portraying their real Christmas Charisma
So now I bless my Christmas Spirit as my Christmas Spirit blesses me authorizing my canonized adeptness to decree my Christmas Spree is free in universe
To boldly say “Merry Christmas to one all” may your Holiday Season by your holly jolly time of year as I see your sphere of spiritual abundance beam with gleaming
Genuine love emblazing amazing manifesting igniting New Year Glory enlivens my Christmas Cheer in a keen Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer way
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
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