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How are your challenges the gallant knight that expands your wisdom and builds charismatic character?

Challenges enter your life to fracture history that previously used wisdom brought forth from your subconscious imprints – bringing DNA into the conscious mind.

Wisdom mirrors Tomahawk missiles; wisdom is only good for one challenge or one life event. Every new situation in your life asks for new wisdom from somewhere within you.

These previous situation ingrain imprints, and usually have unsavory circumstances and outcomes. Then these circumstances invoke the most disdaining, yet sustaining, emotional energies which are called tail-enders. Definition? These are emotionally charged flashbacks from previous life experiences. How do you think these tail-end emotions don’t matter to the conscious mind, yet they stop you from secretly and internally moving forward?

Tail enders are the emotionally charged energies that enter the consciousness after you feel all “knighted and united” in your intentions – thinking you have courage. Then, out of nowhere, an ingrained imprint activates an old life event causing you to step back rather than go forward. Then that blurb out of nowhere says: “What are you doing? Remember last time!” This shows up and takes you back to where you started, or your history of hysteria puts you on your heels.

Disavowing the ‘wow’ of your intentions, I now understand that intentions are internal and goals are what they score in hockey, therefore I let go being a ‘puck mucked in apathy’ and having to apologize to my inner wise for being fooled and dilly dallying in goals. How are you dilly dallying in goals and fearing your highest intentions?

I now wholehearted understand this: Until I audaciously adhered to addressing the fear of those tail end emotional energies, and freed my inner spree to see that fears are friends that expand astute revolutionary innovation – all my intentions will be minimized or nonexistent. This is what you need to understand, too.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and goals are what they score in hockey and soccer, but the road to plush prosperity is paved in gold bars. Because I choose to set intrepid intentions with the courage of a knight, I jousted and rousted out the emotionally charged tail ender out of my internal scenery. I choose to expand my life with new imprints from my new realizations, imprinting new subliminal images from intrepid intentions and birthing my sired desires to experience my life of luxurious leisure. What are your trepidations of experiencing a life of leisure?

When you set intrepid intentions revealing your preferred way of life, you magnetize the universal effects with your writing, visualizations, text, numbers and communications. I understand that my daily encounters are my teacher, and my inner self is the magnet – listening to people I encounter, my supercharged super conscious collects and brings forth all the emotional energies from my subconscious to allow me to expand into my
‘Challenges mirror.’ Then I am the knight riding in to save the princess from the enemy. Therefore, people, the challenges are to ride in and expand your mind out of your current situation.

Challenges say to me…I am Miss Challenge! Let me introduce you to Mr. Fear, because Challenge pushes the panic button and pokes the fanatic living in the attic of your inner landscape, opening the pages of hysterical history. Challenges enter your life to birth your sired desires. Immerse yourself in them! That way, when Miss Challenge meets Mr. Fear they walk hand-in-hand down the aisle of matrimony saying their ‘I do’s.’ The Minister says to Mr. Fear, “You may kiss your bride,” and as the couple turns to leave, the Minister says, “I now introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Wisdom. I now realize my challenges and fears are new wisdom entering my life to expand wisdom, build character and broaden patience.

I now understand my challenges! Being the knight, riding and roping, hell bent to expand my brand, magnifying my wisdom and energizing my enterprising-wise by opening my prosperous eyes to see the world as a universal opportunity where I can engage my entrepreneurial sage and unleash my newborn hero to reveal to the world that I am the knight, riding the big white horse and living my desired life

‘Eye’ see that I am a knight of the round table, stable in my core, a hero unleashing my omnipotent abilities and able to expand my kingdom of wisdom to gallantly ride day and night saying, “I now understand challenges are my doves of love that light the fire in my heartfelt desires. They open the way for me to strive, thrive and arrive as a knight unsheathing my knight-errantry tongue. As this ‘sword of wisdom’ cuts through the lies of being a flustered fanatic and slays the phantom fallacies of blame and shame while riding that phony pony, I can then lay them to rest like all my pests.

Audaciously I arm my zeal that unshielded my zest and opened the oracle – the knight that will write the script of my empirical success. Regally revealing my sassy chivalry allows me to accept my challenges as a gallant knight, riding all night, to release my inner fright. To fearlessly fight – knocking out my fear like Joe Frazier – with razor sharp wit, and watching the referee count three and setting me free! This sanctions me. I am free. I am the gallant knight gallivanting across the landscape at a high rate of speed, decreeing that I am honorable and unconquerable in my enterprising empire – today and every day, in a rich wise way.

‘Eye’ see I am like the knight I was challenged to be, expanding my wisdom with a crisp take, and an attitude of risk, understanding challenges that are like a first date where the emotional state goes back and forth of whether go to the bathroom or go blind. People always think a challenge enters their life because they did something wrong. Since the beginning of time, people have had an egotistical bind in their mind that being right and using the power of ridicule are the tools to make them look good in other’s eyes. Today our challenges stem from lack of listening and hearing the searing pessimism of fascist regimes spreading our fears like butter on bread.

Since the beginning of time, people listened to words that highlighted their lack of ability, being compared to the social elitist who employed a controlling defeatist landscape to gain control of the populace. When compared to being embarrassed, others carry terrifying scars that burn people on the inside making it so that forever and a day they will be afraid of who they are. So now people are in awe of a few, and try to skew their innovative wit so that when they see the elite’s actions they shrink and run when faced with the challenge of outsmarting them.

So now you are armed with an undeniable courage to step up, stand up, and ride with prodigious pride – facing the challenge head-on, armed with winning wisdom that pummels the elite, watching them bumble and tumble away in a triumphant titan way. Today people listen to rhetoric rather than see what the person did. Instead of hearing the smear campaign of what they are going to do, just wait and watch to see when their actions match the rhetoric. How do you listen to the rhetoric and pay no attention to their actions?

When you were on your first date you were nervous and afraid to say the wrong thing and then, when you didn’t hear what your date wanted, you got all nervous. That moldy-old way of over-thinking invoked personal blockages and societal bondage that is still taught from birth to death…since the beginning of time. War is caused through egotistical arrogance. Challenges stem from shielding our listening skills, and only hearing what makes you feel good rather than hearing what expands your energizing entrepreneurial utopia in order to see a prospering pathway through the situation. How do you hear what you don’t like?

To expand out and through a challenge, allow yourself to stop defending egotistical beliefs and believing in hindsight. Stop having faith in yesterday’s know-it-all thinking and the ideology that, “I am right all the time.” Life is about communicating in the moment and trusting your inner self to articulate your message of expansion. In this moment of expression you walk away energized and enterprising in your innovative landscape with your new wisdom. Challenges enter your life because of listening to only what you want to hear, and lacking the ability to trust your own ability to communicate in the moment. The challenge for people is to remained focused and in the moment, and disallow themselves from going back into previous interactions to find what the other person did that went awry. It is because experiences go awry that a door opens out and new trailblazing courage is uncovered. This is where we discover new pathways, breeding new wisdom and finding a higher path to travel.

Three Questions:

How are you the knight sitting at your ‘Round Table’ of success?

How are you as noble as the knight?

How will you polish your ‘get up and go’ and shed light on your tail end emotions?

Three Affirmations:

Infinite Spirit opens the way for me to embrace emotionally charged flashbacks as new wisdom comes upon me to expand through my past and show me my desired prospering pathways in a picture perfect way!

‘Eye’ see I am the knight of wisdom, freeing my preeminent kingdom of all pessimism with my gallant ability to listen in the moment in omnipotent inner peace – today and every day in a pristine, serene way!

I am my knight, galloping through my challenges with the heart of a lion, the tenacity of a grizzly bear, the gracefulness of a gazelle and the patience of a sunrise – to see every day as a bright, bold extravaganza of opulent opportunity in a real robust way!

Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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