I Confess Success When I Walk In the Synergy of Mystery
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Eye see, I confess success when I walk in the -synergy of mystery- taking flight expressing my “classy sanguine wit” to be fit in a free innovative light to see my sunrise sagacity opens.

My preeminent prosperity as my hearts light delights my sassy sapience to sit in silence to parlance parvenu let’s do the Grand Teton Rendezvous with wealth and success.

Opens my ‘parvenu virtuous vigilance’ allowing my winning woo to do my due diligence within my skin to understand my “spirit is the front-runner to get it done” my heart is my strength.

My gut is my backbone to stand in the face of a challenge as my head is my blithely limiter because it grasps on to every emotion that ambles from the subliminal landscape.

Then attaches and latches on to the fears binds my mind in that time because my conscious mind understands subconscious images of fear that ingrain the fear that fears the synergy of mystery.

Because “mystery is parvenu history” that is lived and written in the moment as a visionary seer mirroring a gallant pioneer that realizes wisdom is a one time trail.

To never be utilized again to outline new history as a mystery is a hallowed innovative sapience tantalizing omnipotence realizing Yahweh opens the way for me to soar in superstar omnific.

I am terrific sets free my “acumen-eyes-zing rabble rousing soothsayer prayer opening out omnipotent peace revolutionizing affluence yessing” every revelation that engages.

My soulful oracle expands my “kingdom of wisdom” energizing my universal wise unsheathing my cosmos heart to dart a daring audacious real talisman talent into people’s lives.

To authorize their internal wise, to expand to understand they can win their game of life when they engage in their daily life as encounter with the mystery of wisdom.

To walk their -prosperous path- as a triumphant titan seeing their life, as a gunfighter adventure through their terra incognita to real-eyes there are a special breed to decree their awareness.

To engage listening to the conversation with others to broaden their ‘rainbow brilliance innovatively ennobling spiritual energy’ everybody encompasses to exalt a new way of living.

As a I am a spiritual energy relishing and embellishing my spiritual adventure with soothsayer rabble rousing spirit.

To fly high beaming a magnetic laser to recognize I am, a ‘superstar trailblazer’ seeing my opulent opportunities revving-up my yea-sayer grit.

To galvanize robust intuition trumping all pessimism that enters my conscious mind from my internal naysayer.

To kick the ism of -I sell my soul to the corporate cloning- out the door opening my Yahweh to say “I am unconquerable vulnerable optimism.”

To show I flow of optimizing electricity to visualize I am thee galvanizing grit and go to express.

I serve mankind energizing my intuitive spiritual moxie unhinging my synchronicity of my innovative soothsayer magic.

To instantly say “man I have won” because I choose to play for pay in my core décor unleashing a new way to love myself with a gutsiness to realize I severe me first allows me.

To say “I serve mankind with canonized intrepid self-assured moxie” to show the world I am the pearl that speaks prosperity expanding acumen realizing love of myself authorizes me.

To allow love from God Mrs. Universe and all people to flow to me as my “sovereign soul sends out unconditional love.”

To be the prophesizing prophet to be Omni rebel actual-eyes-zes clear love expands the “universe and all the people into wealth and success” because I encompass the guts.

To showcase I confess success when I walk in the synergy of mystery today and every day in a new noble way and in divine order.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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