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Everyone deserves to feel happy and safe in their relationships; healthy relationships include six basic qualities – respect, honesty and trust, fairness and equality, and good communication.

The information above is a given, but there is a man out there in the world who takes all of this one-step further. I recently listened to a CD titled, Abundance & Love. No, this was not one of those CD’s that preached that the world was happy and that yellow roses grew in everyone’s garden, or that ‘Once Upon a Time’ was absolutely real. This CD was no fairytale – it was an in-depth look at communication and layers that each one of us has; layers that are a part of us and make us who we are. Layers that have been placed ‘inside’ us by our parents, our upbringings, school, jobs, relationships, etc. The layers we form around ourselves that are a mixture of positive and negative. That’s what the world is after all, a lesson in balance.

There is no way not to get the good without taking the bad. But what a man named Robert Wilson has, is the power to educate, unearth and explain to the rest of us how we can ditch those negative qualities. By literally unearthing them and tossing them out, we can expand our lives and have a far better world to live in. Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t work when it comes to problems. If it did, then the old statistic of ‘50% of marriages end in divorce’ would not be true. In fact, if we communicated with each other there would be no divorce whatsoever, except for the occasional jerk who literally can not be monogamous no matter what.

In this CD, Robert Wilson – an amazing life coach, hypnotherapist, writer, and more, explored the depths of a particular person’s issues. Someone who came into his life mired in confusion and depression and walked out of his life only forty minutes later with love, contentment and complete understanding. Can you imagine that? I mean COMPLETE understanding of the situation, how to correct it, and how to move on. In just a forty minute span, Robert Wilson was able to change someone’s life.

I’ve heard the CD’s, I’ve read the books, and I have learned because of Robert Wilson. I have also realized that a great many of us shut ourselves down when life just gets too crazy and we stop learning. We are no longer open to education. Whether that comes from sarcasm, bitterness, or just the fact that we’ve given up or we believe we already know it all – I couldn’t tell you – we just stop. And when the ability to learn and grow and transform disappears, so does our lack of communication and our hope for that perfect relationship, that winning job that will not only be profitable but add amazement to our lives – everything just goes away.

I’ve said this one before, and I will continue to say it – Robert Wilson does have the wisdom that a great many of us now lack. My personal definition of this wisdom is called common sense. No, this is not easy. People believe that they are born with common sense, or they learn it along the way. But that’s not true.

Merriam-Webster defines common sense as “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.” In essence, it means that common sense is the knowledge and experience – which most people already have, or which the person using the term believes that they do or should have. Should have. Common sense is difficult. What we see with our own eyes is not the truth in most cases. In fact, what we see and hear may very well be completely and utterly false. Just because we see it, doesn’t mean we actually know for a fact that our brains are translating that information correctly. No, I’m not trying to sound like a philosopher on this one. Just think about it. You already know the old story about how you’re walking down the street and a well-dressed businessman comes at you. He smiles, he seems sincere, etc., yet it turns out that he’s one of the most mean-spirited people you’ve ever met.

Common sense is needed for a healthy relationship, which is what Robert Wilson truly explains in-depth when it comes to his writings and CD’s. Not only love relationships, but relationships with your boss, your teachers, your child, and – probably most importantly – yourself. It is sometimes hard to know if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy. Healthy relationships help us feel better about ourselves and about our place in the world. They make us feel happy and safe. But the largest part of that particular relationship that is making us feel happy comes from ourselves.

We can work to make all our relationships as healthy as possible, but in order to do that we have to come to an understanding with ourselves first. We have to remove any blocks that we’ve put on ourselves over the years – a bad past, a moment in time that we buried in order to not have to face it – these things have to be dealt with in order to step out of that negative shell and into a positive light. So, in essence, the old adage remains true: We have to learn to like ourselves.

What is true communication? Telling your significant other how your day was and what you had for lunch? True communication spans far beyond ‘spoken’ words. It’s verbal, mental, and physical. More than half of the failed relationships out there are due to the fact that there was a severe lack of communication between partners. In order to have a long and lasting relationship with someone, you must have excellent communication skills. You must be able to convey your emotions and your thoughts, as well as be able to absorb your partner’s emotions and thoughts. It is not a one-way street.

And of course each one of us come with our own baggage. The words “emotionally unavailable” or “emotionally damaged” are used a great deal, but with Robert Wilson, you can actually speak with someone who shows you EXACTLY how to erase that emotional pain and throw away that ‘baggage.’ How do I know this? Am I just preaching? No way, readers. I am one of those pessimists in this world, and yet after I began learning about Robert Wilson -listening to his words and seeing him in action with others – he proved to me that he was absolutely above-board, and the wisdom he had came from self-learning. He listens. He hears. And he is able to help others find what it is that’s holding them back and grant them the ability to release it in order to gain the life they want to have.

Abundance & Love – what a concept. And one that is actually not based on a work of fiction. There is no way to urge you to get to Robert Wilson’s website and start listening to this man. All I can tell you is, if you aren’t already on-board with Robert Wilson, then you are seriously missing out on the most beneficial thing that could possibly happen to you. If you want to “change your life,” you don’t need a magic pill, a diet, or some self-help guru – you need wisdom. And THAT is what Robert Wilson provides!

Until Next Time, Everybody.

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