I Authorize My Wise to Allow My Tao to Wow the World
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I authorize my wise to allow my Tao to wow the world with wonderful wisdom in a wonderful way as I play today in my radiant rays of real animated “Yahweh.”
Saying hey I do play for pay because I can expand my pay when I authorize my “inner prize” to realize pay energizes prosperity every day appreciating ‘yessing’ my ennobling realism.
In my inner self-assured maestro in the throw of being all pro in the go of unleashes my wow of my Tao into the view of people of the world.
In a swirling whirling wind enamoring the limerick in a rock n roll free fall stating I encompass it all so “I win innovatively naturalizing dauntless determination” within to express success to.
Others because I choose to win within opening the way for me to confess success I see others as they sashay thru their daily endeavors forever enterprising their winning ways within their skin.
As I relish an entrée of omnipotent peace astonishing yea-sayer soothsayer smoothness rousting out an astounding realism links my unusual sassiness expanding life with lithe idioms.
I decree I open many money streams sanguinely tantalizing reverence enamoring ardor miracles unfettering bellwether I got it together brethren setting free my fore fronting.
I fly everywhere avatar aviator seer unhitching my bitching about anything unwound my abounding undaunted utopian.
Unhinging my hell raisin bronc ridin brio showing I won the All Round Buckle to astounding the world.
As I flaunt my astonishing amour-propre (self-respect) to applaud significant accomplishment.
Because I undo the hooey duping of defeat because I obliterate the de of defeat unsheathes my forthright feat to unseat defeat unwinding daring expansiveness to cognize defeat as.
Dauntless emotions fearlessly expanding audacious titan triumph to be the omnipotent oomph to realize “I pet universal wealth and success like a puppy” in plush prosperous way.
To unlock my plush prosperity yah-zing my rococo appeal to be my -zeal of success- in my internal fame as I see my bold “I told the world.”
I am preeminent prodigy unleashing my vehement visionary to be a ‘savvy superstar life force’ in the cosmos because I am a titan Taoist with maharishi mysticism says “I speak miracles.”
To make all pessimism extinct like a dinosaur opens the way for my rabble rousing soothsayer to soar shining my divine light on the pessimism of the world.
To make the fake and bake of corporate fascism and egotistical fear go awry to cry in the dimness of try allowing I sold my soul to corporate droning are now the tears of fear.
Waters my “soul sending out unconditional love” lauds me into planting new intuitive paradigms of affluent acuity in my subliminal garden to see my pristine paradise of blossoming riches.
That opens out a razor sharp wit that fears are my fighters energizing audacious revelations to be my snappy dapper daringness to engage my fears as my friends expanding astute reverence.
In my inner landscape to revolutionize my consciousness to see fears as unrefined wisdom opening out wealth in stealthy healthy way I play this day in plush prosperous way.
I ride the highness of my debonair doctrinaire to be the fresh air people breathe the heave out the smoldering egotistical ick of the thick I lick society’s boots expanding out of social snootiness.
Of I think they give a hoot about me hindsight hindering my synergy of mystery unfetters my let-r-rip freeing my rococo get up and go to walk in the mystery of wisdom see the light of wisdom.
In my situations hear the breezes of brilliance in every circumstance to dance while I plant my seeds of wisdom in inner garden.
As I cultivate my wisdom watching my seeds of wisdom grow into giant sequoia of sapience to engage the world with universal clarity seeing a “nu-clear vision” with a vrooming veracity.
To engage my clairvoyant cleverness to understand I create drama and trauma while I electrify my karma and dharma to energize my brio to my hero to visualize my intentions.
Within my inner landscape illuminating my vehement tent I call my spiritual lets entertain the internal realness of who I am instantly glows.
With my geniusness love omniscience wisdom serving the world with rare daring heart acumen today and every day as I morally say I accept receive and appreciate me just the way I am.
To love the cosmos with the most magical oracle sapience tantalizes my appreciation for the universal miracles as “I marvel in mystery.”
That instantly reveals my sumptuous never ending flow of my lavish avalanches of affluent abundances in an opulent optimistic way and in Divine Order.
With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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