I Pet My Wisdom like A Puppy
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I pet my wisdom like a puppy because I tamed my infernal flame of ostentatiously blaming others for me “piddling around in my pity me-self stories.”
I heard from the societal herd don’t be absurd to try leave the herd because the herd likes to be heard obscuring “financial security, spiritual savvy, and my dreams.”
As the herds scurry’s in scurvy disarming their will to win disavowing their intuitive innovation because unhooking their will ingrains their pain sending them to wail in fail.
Since the herd lives inside quall of quit they tell their enterprising entrepreneur to “aim low sheriff their goals are riding Shetland’s.”
Because when they quit they are already at the bottom as they started and stayed at the starting line denying them to begin.
Letting the world know their couch has side boards so they never get of their duff because getting off their duff is ruff on their egotistical software.
They swear lacking dare in their core explorer sitting on their idle butt that way they never fail or wear the “All-Around Buckle of Wealth and Success.”
They just loll in the society’s control allowing the social order to be troll to control their outcomes because they choose to be an imprisoned impersonator of who they are.
Allowing corporate Czars to be dream stealing buzzards stealing their intrepid inventions says to universe they succumb to being a drone of corporate cloning.
As the herd is hurried into land of insecurity because we don’t like new we like to bury our head in the sand so our behind sticks high in air so the politically correct can keep giving the herd.
A swift kick in the derrière to keep people in tow lowers their will to win so they wallow in follow without remorse to live survive in scarcity.
As the talk they walk into the land poverty that “itches their bitching without unhitching” the herd anxiety ingraining as long as they say nothing they will be safe and secure.
Pinning them a fink of think allowing corporate correctness steal their dreams and feelings of I can live my sired desires and now gone like yesterday they allow society.
To plow their dreams under like a farmer doing fall plowing without fertilizing their visions because they fear seeing themselves walk in the light of their fame and fortune.
As long as I don’t stand my life with be bland without challenge instead their life is a rubber band of challenge as the stealth of patrol tightens the bands of control in the populace.
As I choose to loath in listening to their priggish vain verbiage of a gossiping society that was crying about me encompassing courage as they lied to themselves and me about the real event.
As they tried to rub my nose in something that I did to blow the lid off my living inside their noble-less mundaneness walking with my head down to pounded my their insane sameness.
Because I didn’t fit into their political correctness as they thru an egotistical fit tying the underwear in knot to plot against me because I choose to be spiritually free.
As they drubbed me thru the gossip mill spilling the horrid haughtiness about what I did spewing their rude I am a prude in an bigheaded pigheaded way.
Because they were smearing their jealousy all over thinking they are right in their views of life I enslaved myself within because I caved into others bubbly BS complying with their lies.
As they tried to enflame their asinine benign ways in my subconscious mind became landmines in my sired desires to succeed and now implode my asinine denial.
Like the Kingdom in Seattle opening my so now I am on the rudder stirring my yacht of yearning Yahweh to say.
“Hey watch me fissure the seizure of mirroring the dizziness of cynicism of my herd mentality opening out my sailing the world on my oceans of wealth on my aircraft carrier Rob’s Success.”
As I always was looking for doom and gloom in the world as I was caught in the dreadful web of media dreary I better worry about my future is now sunk like the Titanic in all its panic.
As I let of being a fiend of fascism opens my forthright axioms sensational-eyes-zing correlating innovative sapience magnifying my magical ardor galvanizing newborn intuition financially.
Yessing infinite nascent genius unleashing a dauntless demeanor gleams a genuine love.
Expanding animated miraculous ingenuity nurturing genuine love for all the people of the world.
Because people energize prosperity endorsing opulence propelling living enterprising endeavors into success because people are the only asset a business requires for success untying.
The lie businesses run the world and the world goes as businesses go is a bold lie told by corporate fascists society prosperity flows as people’s money flows.
Into the business coffers so let’s offer the people of the world a way to play for high pay to expand the brand of business enhancing the businesses bottom line allows.
The world to be sumptuously fine financially inventing new enterprising inventions opening the way for people to on vacation enjoy the splendor of the universe in a diverse universal wealth.
To engage in the inner wise of all the earth’s inhabitant’s wisdom so the mystery of success engulfs core décor of all prosperous pioneers undoes the buzz of business first.
Opens out cosmos thirst for intuitive woo-a-tive visionary to understand how to rope the inventive entrepreneur within my inner itinerary.
To empower effusive moneyed-up prosperity opens oracle wisdom everyday revolution-eyes-zing wealth and success within people fortitude to rally their by golly.
As they relish their life in lavish luxury in a rich innovative way authorizing and allowing themselves to embellish their daily life as mystery of wisdom to broaden their brilliance.
As I say “I now authorize and allow me to experience extravagant wealth today and every day in “illuminated lavish way.”
As I walk down the -street fancy free decreeing my spiritual freedom- today and every day in a astonishing bountiful way and in divine order.
With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
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