The Ego Ties the Lies
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The ego ties the lies in the subliminal mind binding the conscious mind in the insane of the mundane ingraining the flame of blame creating my hall of shame.

Because the ego fuels cruel lie’s in the subconscious mind that set forth a twang pang of silly guilt in the conscious mind injecting a venomous vainness transforming.

The pain into cloak-and-dagger drama changed the emotional charged situation into an inferno of trauma that engrained my fruitless guilt.

That tainted my will to win that had me crawling in try crying in my beer slithering in a dither down long dusty trail in frail fruit of the loom lunacy is done and gone like a fish in the sun.

As spurred that bronc of valor I unhooked and set free my new thrilling ride in life as I am astride long legged mountain bred mustang that run day and night.

To say dang with roaring bang I strive when I arrive I sassily say “I now engrain the wisdom to see the saneness in insanity to cognize the acute acuity of insanity to rant and rave I crave.”

To engage my rabble rousing regal that extravagantly expresses my capitalistic courage to see the world in a lavish sunlit luxurious way.
Brazenly to release that thieving revolting panicked fanatic that I evicted from the attic of sublime mind that exploded me into being ‘drama addict.’

That egotistically sealed me in a free-wheeling internal harassing procrastinator loaded mode of scheming conceit.

That poked my hokey ‘double dealing traumatized tyrant’ setting off my violent volcano of anger that is waiting to erupt corrupting me into being ding-a-ling of despair throwing me.

Into wheels of heal weaving scars of secrecy pinning me into whining I am stuck in the muck of my overthink as the ego has me snowed in the know hunkered down in the fink of my think.

Boldly tells me my ego stinks when it’ thinks blindsiding me nailing my hide to barn as I say darn look what my self-centered know it all done binds my mind this what I should have done.

As I realize my contrite conceit ties me saying “shun of bun I am done and stunned in the same ingrained pain” because my egos know nothing at all is a bowling ball of BS.

As my dreams are the pins my bowling ball of scarcity cat-ism as I scared myself knocks my over and leaves me crying because I tried instead of expanding in synchronicity of mystery.

So now I authorize and allow me to know nothing undefends my forthright frontiersman to say.

“I here as a savvy seer to understand everything up until now allows my unfathomable wise warrior to open my spiritual listening.”

To real-eyes I glisten, “genuine lively innovation sagaciously tantalizing enterprising newborn avatar acuity” to the world.

Because my core savvy soothsayer tells my egotistical arrogance to skydiving without a parachute because my warrior lore recognizes.

When my egos spews haughty naughty poopy doo about what it knows stingily distresses my endurance disallowing me to “dress for success” blowing in a tornado of what do I do now?

Pell-mell-s my selfish snobbery lands me pandering in stuck-up hell because all my computer knowledge, book learning, and history bar.

My pathway out of know it hell leaving a scar of low self-esteem propelled into my know it all stall that has snowballed from depths of hell that exposed.

My walls of stealth control dinking around thinking I am smarter than everybody dimly dunks me.

In a funk because I thunk I knew the way over the mountain down the river into oceans oracle wisdom instead I ended up.

Being threw into a know it all brawl of I know, I think I know that, I am going to that is self-seeking bigheaded bully doing high dive splat falling flat on face as sprayed mace in eyes.

To see me say “I know my way to the Promised Land” as I step into the quicksand as I only know my way to misery thru my belief in history.

Because I smeared my fear as fictitious erroneous apparatus ruining my innovative intuition is instantly gone like the gas powered street light.

Opening out this delightful enlightenment my spirit listens to the universal vista unlocking my body to lead mind into a new Promise Land.

To understand my ‘spirit listens energizing my emotional phenomenons’ opening the way for my listening to be alert with a pert percipience ennobling regal talisman wit.

To feel my preeminent peerless pluck catapulting my luck unleashing lively undaunted keenness unhooks my wisdom disengaging the vagueness of.

My argumentative fears spew from my egotistical maniac that implodes like the Kingdom in the face of life’s challenging situations that are to expand my communique.

Because the ego is like a beagle chasing a fox yipping snipping yelping without any results ends up insulting my intellectual talent.

My ego is like a Beagle lots noise minus the poise however when the Beagle is on the scent is shows the hunter the way to the fox.

As I now realize the nose understands where to go just like the spirit understands the path the promise.

Because the spirit comprises the wise to realize it encompasses the sand to step over the boulder unto the trail as the ego sits down to loll in disgust cognizing.

It must step over boulder on to the path however the ego looks at the size of boulder hauling ass back into a procrastinating crass drubbing the rubbing of scratching.

My crying rash laziness recognizing I lack smack to crack the wipe of wisdom intrepid pluck energizing my get and go so now my ego is going to crash on the couch.

Because it is a soft place to lace my disgrace hiding my egg on face because I showed I lacked the smack quacked like duck in doubt.

As me ego said it easy to look the other way saying it better to surrender to my lazy-I-tice bursitis.

Creating an “optic nerve between my eyes and my posterior” employing a destroying crappy outlook about life.

Before I see my way over the boulder my dashes run into a rash of egg on the face mace from the spirit embracing my inner pioneer prowess to cognize.

I engrain the insanity to cognize insanity is the rant and rave I crave to engage my rabble rousing regal expressing capitalistic courage to scurry in a hurry over the boulder into the dash.

To be brash busting the tape at the bountiful financial finish line as I rock n roll in stroll of rococo riches to experience my galvanizing gusto in the lush land.

Of dancing lavish luxury affluence naturalizing delight in the light on my hearts smarts today and every day in a pristine prosperous way and in illuminated Divine Order instantly.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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