At Dawn I Am Daring Astute Wealthy Nomadic
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Money is my friend that flows to me from all sources in the universe – Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

At dawn I am daring astute wealthy nomadic unscrambling my rambling pioneer spirit to travel with gavel unraveling society’s stealth rule as the mechanism of “I sell my soul to the control.”

So now I slam the gavel to overrule society’s known ways real-eyes-zing society’s ways had/have a snowballs chance in hell to expand the world.

Because I now realize the known has stolen the bold nomadic spirit of the people however people are now open to be mesmerized by the mystery of their acuity magically yeses.

My swashbuckler tenacity energizing real Yahweh shrewdness to beam esteemed brilliance as people shear their sheeple wool to clear the mechanism to open their eyes choosing.

To expand to understand they encompass the candid abilities canonizing there I can expand the world in to “triumphant accomplishment in opulent healthy way.”

So I unleash my iron clad nomad to walk the in my core terrain sustaining an energized ardent tenacious hunter attitude to seek the unconscious varmints hiding in my innermost caves.

That is ready to rant and rave raising cane slaying my sired desires while my desires are still hibernating in my unconscious mind.

As I shear the wool I have dimwittedly permitted to grow over my eyes authorizes and allows me to realize I am the varmint in my life victimizing my sired desires.

Now that I totally grasp I am thee victimizing varmint in my life really sucks because I am the one that caused me to be a stuck in the mud being a dud sitting on my duff feeling rough.

Because I was rough on my internal stuff so I fled and this led me to “kick myself in the butt” jump starting my nomad get and go.

To -unclog the log jam in my subliminal rivers- to flow in the go to say, “I am unshackling my clout in my nomadic scout to explore my inner lore.

To endure I assure you I unfasten my procrastination unbridling my nomad gonads to say, “I am glad to be mad.”

Because bad when I am mad innately states bold audacious determination to magnetize-the atmosphere attracting dollar bills by the billions.

To show I glow when I am in the flow of the go when I let of emotional sensations “authorize my gallantry and allow my inner scenery.”

To be feisty free appreciating the emotional charge from my daily life because my daily life is instigator of reactions because of unreleased ingrained pain from my cling on ways.

As way to live my life as I now let go of being in mainstream media-eyes-zed dramas I unbind my corporate cloned drama.

Unleashing a new dawn everyday in every way because I become the hunter of hallowed utopia naturalizing tenacious enterprising resolve involves.

My intuitive nudity bares me staring at my first innovative date with divine destiny dauntlessly electrifying smartness televising imaginative nakedness yearning to express.

My rare newborn utopian discernment igniting tinsel town yeah let’s do the peppermint prosperity twist on dance universal dance floor.

To wheel my sassy sex appeal to experience my Lake Okoboji orgy omnipotently real-eyes-zing genius yeses every facet of my innovative nudity with laudable love.

Because I now reveal my authentic audacity to reside and thrive as I drive my Maharishi Potentate Porsche at high rate of I am great to galvanize my zillionaire debonair lifestyle.

Today and every day in every way as I unleash my suave doctrinaire to strut thru life embellishes my give it hell attitude pell mell altitude to expand through my divine mystery.

As I enjoy soaring thru metaphysical mecca to relish the synergy of “dancing at my inaugural universal royal ball in a Ginger Rogers Fred Astaire way” and in Divine Order Now.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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