Peace is Prosperity
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Peace is prosperity energizing affluence consciously expanding mystery awesomely awakens prayer revolutionizing omnipotence speaking.
Preeminent eminence revving-up ingenuity tantalizing yes answers to my prayers because Yahweh energizes-universal supply.
As my prayers pronounce real audacious Yahweh energy rouses superstar electricity enamoring amazing audacious aura for people to feel the emir energy emanating my heart.
They say with a daredevil robustness, “There is the soothsayer prophet that encompasses a feisty fortitude to take me across the river up mountain to triumph in fame and fortune.”
As I am prolific astute when I enter a room my eyes peeled looking to book new acumen in my kingdom of wisdom broadening my brilliance as I am looking into the eyes of the patrons.
To patronize my enterprising wise opening my opportunistic eyes by gleefully listening to their sassy sexy sapience dauntless dawning a new era of I dare me to see their sheer seer wisdom.
As my parvenu energized sanguine serenity unlocking a newborn entrepreneurial entity as a liberated librettist as IST says “I speak tantalizing truth” tantalizes the world with opulence.
Showing the cosmos I am pragmatically pristine in who I am hallowing my name in the universal vista with visionary imagination speaking tenacious canniness.
Automatically glorifying my genuine liveliness oracle-eyes-zing robust I fly yah-zing intuitive nirvana gyrating gallivanting genius say I am thee gallant genius of my life.
Because I walk with my ears peeled to the cosmos airwaves of insight to all ways be in the light of wisdom glistening with a blistering brilliance.
To be sailing on sapient seas surfing earth’s atmosphere seeking and reaping the galaxy relishing my ocean waves of greenbacks animating lavish affluence x-ling you bet is a cowboy yes.
With rancher wit as I shake hands with God, Mrs. Universe the womb of enterprising emolument all the people in the cosmos, the physical realm and the mystical sources.
As I effusively expressing a compassionate appreciative thank you to them all “in a blessed way in a loving way in the right way under grace in a lightning bolt bold way.”
As I walk in a room my eyes zoom in on the wisdom because my subliminal mind baited my core astrologer to walk in that room putting forth a vrooming vibration with vitality.
To listen to the buzzing patrons for that word, phrase, or conversation that energizes new candor for me to be in the flow of the glow of saying.
“I am an inventor of my candid camera extravaganza.” as I realize that universal wisdom was magnetizing my intuitive antenna to dance at the Copa Cabana internally harmonizing.
My daily life with my intrepid intentions and my vivid visions that engaged my inner entourage with the blatant courage to brashly tell my conscious mind to let’s go in there to snare.
My parvenu acuity to entice my auspicious autonomy lauds on cloud nine to shine in prime time as I walk down street of plush prosperity.
Exploiting my daring dexterity to flash my brash optimism magnetizes my cascading cash flow to dash into my prosperity accounts so I now reside in my copious copiousness.
As I embellish my stalwart clout to shout about my eternal stay at my Buckingham Castle today and every day in a regal rich way and in Divine Order instantly.
With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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