I Am Free When I Say “I Don’t Know”
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I am free when I say I don’t know allows me to let go of what I know opens the way for my Yahweh to soar thru the ethereal ethers sanctioning enterprising élans

To abound around the world famously broadcasting I am having on hell-of-a-ball speaking my off-the-wall theatrical sound astonishing

The global stratosphere with my multicultural acumen lyricizes my enlivened chi to say I am cool and classy purifies the wise of my luminary lyricist to say to the world

“I sing talisman tenor telecasting my animated artistry celebrating my songs of victory meshing my meekness with my audaciousness”

Authorizes me to be thee barefaced seeker valiantly searching my terra incognita the land of unknown wisdom expanding my inner landscape into a pristine paradise of new wisdom

Blasting my physical realm into a new frontier saying “I am the supreme prophet” authorizing my rococo rebel

To see the global scene as a keen serene entrepreneurial entrée skyrocketing me on to the fast-track embellishing my international lucre to be the forthright foreseer beaming

A -valorous gleam of gladiator liveliness extolling my amazing maharishi maturity- galvanizing my innermost acute acuity

To “eavesdrop on the universes unique rhythms of wisdom’ magnifying my worldwide candid camera willingness to engage in new sagacity with titan tenacity invoking my Viking veracity

To walk thru life saying I don’t know frees my cascading cash flow opens out a sharp new understanding I clasp the vivid realization of my cascading cash flow unlocks my hallowed

Hasp to grasp my genuine real astuteness pertaining to graciously receive gratefully accept and ardently appreciate collaborating my cascading cash flow with lavish luxury to embrace

I meet them both in a field beyond competition and in palace of prosperous cooperation today and every day in every way under grace in a passionate peaceful way and in Divine Order Now

With my eyes clearly focused on the prize ears purely poised my cells razor-sharp emotional antennas my nose is alive like a hunting dog on the hunt

As I am on the hunt to sniff out my innovative spur-of-the-moment insights engaging my spine-tingling radioactive alertness exalting the clout of my acrobatic awesomeness

To be the flair unbridling my oracle doctrinaire showing the galaxy I am aware authorizing my gutty wisdom to emotionally energize my tunes of triumph catapulting

My heartened vanguard to be stouthearted scout mirroring the eye-piercing vision of scout on a wagon train crossing the Plains of the Dakotas in the wagon train days

As the scouts eagle eye was forever and always searching the landscape for hidden treasures just like my internal scout is always alert listening for new nuggets of shrewdness to show their

Golden glow of geniusness as my eyes are poised on the prosperous skies my plush prosperity pies bake in my prosperity accounts as I stroll up preeminent pathways unlocking

My chivalrous courage trailblazing trustworthiness exciting my alligator get and go allowing my dolphin gracefulness to propel my give it hell zealous attitude

To exhilarate my high rate of great electrifying my adroit altitude to be prudence of I am free because I don’t know internally expands my feisty fortitude into experiencing life in the fields

Beyond the ponds of struggle unlocking my trepidations that are my lingering lackluster sloths that drank

Too much vermouth dimming my sublime dominion causing caustic procrastination across my narcissist’s nation slowing me down

Because I choose talk my way into a deeper dementia ingraining my unresolved pain causing fermented vertigo creating paranoia showing I am demented selfish egotism I serve me only

As I am the one that prevented me from inventing the apparatus to be my wealth and success fame so now I have expanded into understanding the trauma of paranoia is “I don’t know”

Opens the way for me to strut down my wealth and success fame energizing free flowing affluence magnifying enterprising endeavor unleashing my John Deere green money streams

In an effusive profuse way as I fly cloud nine wining and dining in the land of genuine glowing gusto today and every day in every way in lush plush way and in Divine Order now

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
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