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I am elite and complete when I trust my robust lust for liberty uniting superstar talent to show my sleek elite I speak with stalwart liveliness enflaming effrontery knight errantry life-force.
Inflaming tantalizing emotionalism ignites serving mankind instigating sapiential mannerisms instantly saying more magnetizes opulent reverence electrifying my heavenly harbors.
Lucidly lighting my shores of success explode my money making magic into a rip roaring resolve effusively energizing the ethereal ethers authorizing me.
To pilot my rocket ship “Cascading Cash Flow” to blow and go with a glowing genuine ardor “ovulating winning innovation” galvanizes my robust lust.
To relish my swishing so blissfully thru my milky way savoring Swiss chocolate splendor to forever feel the taste of real milk chocolate treasures to touch the cosmic chi within me to see.
I am the rebellious rancher ridin the hurricanes of utopia and ropin the typhoon of triumph broadcasting my grit get and go to embellish my give it hell hellion propels me.
“To grasp that people that play by rules are ruled by those who have a distinct way of disobeying to say Hey I am alive and thriving inside the rules.”
However I vehemently bend the rules to school the world as my pupil unsheathing my whizzing wisdom exciting my rabble rousing soothsayer.
To realize I compassionately comprise enterprising brilliance empathically lyricizing my prosperous pathways tantalize.
My affluent tang shines from my swashbuckler brashness to sashay in sassy sophistication as sunbath on bountiful beaches enjoying watching the ocean waves on my prosperity paradise.
To cherish my rare realness to be the regalness that lives and sleeps in the lavish luxurious suites on universes wealthy wharfs of abundant opportunity undocking.
My frolicking innovative seaports telecasting my preeminent omnipotence revolutionizing thunderbolt sapience sending forth lightning bolt brilliance illuminating.
The heavens with my tour de wise skywriting publishing enterprising endeavor drawing opening the inventive resolve in people.
To evolve into involving their savvy savant to opening their internal wherewithal realizing they have it all.
To passionately receive ardently accept and compassionately appreciating people encompass the “it” of the universe with their “it.”
Says Impressive Talent unlocks their intrepid titan iron will unleashing innovative tenacity unsheathing infinite thaumaturgy authorizing and allowing people.
To perform miracles engulfed in idyllic magic today every day in every way in a wealthy rich way.
As I electrically energize the mystical ethers with my magnanimous charismatic character understand money allows freedom.
To give a free rein to my philosopher stardom to graciously thank Mrs. Universe the womb endless money flow love wisdom innovation to smile upon me.
As I enthrall high roller brazen courageous grandeur to energize the entrepreneurial atmospheric current of the cosmos.
With a bold curio unparalleled rebel rowdiness enamoring newborn tiger in the gut vigor revving up my vim fervidly illuming my zinging zeal.
To enthuse the cosmos with my adventurous imaginative life force open the way winning amazingly yessing my dance of my tangy de wisdom walking the earthly plane.
In a spiritual dynamism whimsically esteems wealth intuition sapience decreeing omnipotent maharishi wit to live in omniscient peace unbridling a free flowing copious cornucopia.
As I loll in strolling idyllic rollicking fun in the sun serene serenity today and every day in every way in noble wise way and in Divine Order now.
With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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