I Now Realize History Binds My Mind
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I now realize history binds my mind while mystery unbinds my divine diviner to sip the fine wines of the world setting free my winning intuition nobly eulogizing my Shangri-La.

As I say ah-h-h I savor the fine wines of my sumptuous success to showcasing my valiant virtuousness embellishing me sipping lavish luxury relishing my life in a glowing gusto.

As I swallow the Chardonnay I said hey to folk’s I perform daringly day after day authorizes my philosophizing prophet to hallow my name in the heaven on earth ring of honor.

Because I shamelessly played in the in circle of courageous campaigners to leave the sphere of titleholders as thee crowned champion endears my warrior verve.

To my daredevil heart wearing my crown televising I am a champion to broadcast I am prolifically profound wearing the gold crown of preeminent omnipotence.

As I see my stalwart sovereignty in the ring of honor in the cosmos coliseum portraying my bold brio as I see and the world sees I am the universal magician unlocking.

My wheel house of wherewithal clout to shout to the universal spree I feel the winds of heavens harmonically excelling amazing vivacious extravagant nirvana.

Heart fully highlights God’s Mrs. Universe the womb of endless nirvana all the people in the world and all sources in the cosmos show me spectacular respect.

As I ramble rousting out worldly jovialness enticing my preamble potentate prowess to unfasten my monarch magnetism mirroring my audacious gallantry.

Saying with hell raising rebellious boldness I here today to play in the universal vista with a gunfighter backbone a six shooter loaded with silver bullets of brilliance.

To boldly rev-up lionized liberating imagination animating newborn collaboration electrifying my dauntless decree to defy the lies of mundane plane ness in the world today.

To open a free for all let’s play ball in the competition free zone in the emancipated landscape of the cascading cash flow cosmos unleashes my defiant pioneering spirit to blast off.

Unbridles my mustang heart unsheathes my “forthright flame throwing straight shooting trailblazing frontiersman” that has a red hot burning desire to have fun undoing.

What has been done in peoples inner landscape from daily life allows me to expose you to a better way to undo the poopy do of what you think society school system and life did to you.

Has you spun up and droned to step in line to never defy just deny your desires firing up the dire daunt of your social order cloning spinning your conceited ski bow ski lies.

Amplifying your tommy eyed egotistical arrogant history within you shutting down your will integrity to move so I tell you honestly and truthfully everything that occurs in you.

You did to you in all fairness to you your thoughts your actions your words etc… so when you choose to forgive yourself for being shy you expand out of the misery of history.

To untie the falsified lies in your inner landscape bodaciously accept what you did without enflaming drama sending your shyness looking for sympathy.

It come to this what did I allow now what I do to get out of this swirl in leftover do what I do is history binding.

The mind into hysteria frenzy of what do I do now because society invoked the hokey pokey of disallow to sow your seeds of need because society has perilous flight of wanting.

You to be in the control of follow me give away programs will create you wealth transform your wisdom into my success change your thoughts of I can into I pandering societies left overs.

As you heal the scars of fear invoke the frothing of mouth of egotistical arrogance raging inside caging you inside a tiger cage of raving afraid.

To be brave to realize fear is the first expand astuteness reveal fear is unrefined wisdom ready willing to be the shark attack action employed.

To fiercely erode agitating repercussions of flaming fascism the world encompasses today as people let go of flames of fascism opening.

Their titanium backbone eyes to see they have played like a piano at a recital they roundup their rabble rousing rebel to defy their old paradox of living inside the box thinking.

They were thinking outside the box in realness they were in foxhole of doubt fearing every action reeking chaotic havoc is gone like the 8 track tape player because you slayed your doubt.

With your titan clout to spout to the world chaos is okay because chaos is raw acumen collaborating harmony applauding opulent success in a pristine keen way

As I open my eyes to mystery I page my divine diviner to call the waiter to say later gator I am sailing today on.

My yacht of Yahweh yeses my astute charismatic hegemony thrilling me to glide on the tides of copious utopia ravishing my gloriousness brilliantly basking in my Mazatlan sun.

Open my heart to treasure the pleasure of strolling on my beaches of seventh heaven bliss today and every day in every way under grace in a pristine prestigious way and in divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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