I Let Go of Control to Facilitate Innate Innovation
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I let go of control I facilitate innate intuition to immediately witness the instant revealing of my fruitful fruition from folks buying my life expanding state-of-the-art inventions.

As I receive in a flash my dashing effusive profuse cash flow from all sources in the universe today and every day in a regal rich way as I bow to the world in a humble way embellishing.

My standing ovation as I prestigiously stand on the world stage prolifically profiling my prudent preeminence embracing my philosophizing prophecies expressing my oracle opulence.

To show the world I encompass the forthright foresight to facilitate newborn wealth and wisdom in folks because I seized the deeds of my global lands of opportunity.

To plant my prosperous seeds of success vigorously unleashing my superstar emotional energized discernment setting free.

My daring enterprising entrepreneur dawns a flaunting fertile liberating animated utopian newness tantalizing international nascent genius unlocking new peerless prudence.

In my imaginative scenery to understand control is constricting ostracizing numb rancor obstructing my life from expanding into anything new directs me into the dreary darkness of.

My self-made dearth sends me underground because I sounded the alarm in my unconscious self-pity causing me to cower in a cold sweat remembering sour soreness of change.

Winding up my bogus locusts to deceitfully dine on my inventiveness inflaming direful hurt from previous deep-rooted footprints from identical incidents that chant the rant of change is.

The bobbing robber baron that drags me thru my smug drudgery of my self-restrictive constraints stealing my emotional energies blocks me in the sluggishness of the mundane.

Creating a migraine headache of distain chains me in the profane lame laziness to sustain my pain in the drain couch potato-I-tice mountain-eyes-zing every task in my day to day life.

As I now grasp my control tyrant is delusional-lee large and in charge of my self-limiting liability silliness inflicts a conflicting strolling urchin lurching.

In my egotistical serrated terrain urges my troll of turmoil to boil a batch of berating self-control that stares into the uncertainty transforms me into a timid termite creating.

A frantic flightiness changes me into a weeping sheeple slithering into being a hanger-on to snatch any bone thrown to me by the controlling patrol showing their condescending ways.

As I pretend to be a participant of my life while sitting quietly getting drenched with hierarchy dementia that sent me to the bench lolling in a coil of foiled outcomes frays.

My friskiness causing my subliminal mind to pout with doubt igniting my troll of control creating a caustic busy mind of what do I have to get done today oh my God look.

“What I didn’t get done yesterday” sends this moment of stress creating cloned droned syndrome don’t have time for a life just distress so don’t slow me down because.

I already internally bound up constipated in my mind with what I am going to now I’ll never get this done is the hysteria of human time disease as a thinker is a fiend hooked on time.

Sends out I am egotistically despondent hopelessly distressed signals I am confessing my chaos to the world in a flurry of drama traumatized by my priggish pigheadedness.

To control is to be the troll in turmoil to facilitate is to be freeborn sworn to win with innate innovation.

I am in a hurry as I scurrying to say oh hell I already give in to defeat with -both feet straight out and on the couch stressing- as I fess up to my inner self I already gave up.

What is going to happen next just nixes the new as my ego justifies the lies of oh no I didn’t think of that so now I go splat on my face with my get and go flat lined.

Panicking in subliminal mind because I wound down permits me to be smitten by “how do I control this that and everything” because control bolts creating bouts of doubt rousts out.

My lousy turbulent dilute-ants that pollute my willpower spilling me into my waterfall of distrust busting me into dust bowl draught as I go for naught as I have never been taught.

To trust my abilities I was taught to do what others do is the troll of control is me being the stoned owner of what I have been taught is instantly sent.

To the fires of freedom to burn my pollutants that dilute in my sovereign light of my illuminated discernment unsheathes my innate potentate.

To facilitate my first-class audacious acumen correlates my imagination love innovation triumphantly aggrandizing tenacious enterprising entrepreneurial-ship broadcasting to the world.

I am thee Four Star Admiral at the helm of my ship to overwhelm showing my fervid four points of preeminence to say to the cosmos I Fiercely Facilitate Freedom Forthrightly Freeing.

My frontiersman friskiness in my heart and soul opening the inner landscape of people to unlock this preeminent premise I facilitate success.

While I transform control in meaningless mediocrity is now gone because I now set free my parvenu utopian adventures emotionally energized my inner innovator.

Opens the way for me to fire up my rocket to blast off to sightsee the magnificence of my milk way embellishes my universal Mars countryside to enjoy my walks.

On the long emerald green grass highlights my pristine plushness on my warm sunny beaches alive with genuine peace as I appreciate the universes galvanizing grandeur.

In a sophisticated trendsetter luxury as I relish my lucky stars of plush prosperity today and every day in every way in a blissful bountiful way and in Divine Order now.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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