My Freedom Flows When I Let Go of Control
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My freedom flows when I let go of control creates a by golly I am ghoulish fool when I control my daily events to prevent and circumvent challenges which is an immature deterring fallacy.
That is callous ballast that tied me down, bound and wound in a sullen bully-eyed control bestowing me to a subliminal hell unlocks new ignition cognition my pompous control stolen.
My ability to maneuver thru the do this do that my day offered as I absolutely had to know everything before I soared relishing my new freewheeling adventures instead.
I confiscated procrastination disjointing my inventive goings-on as I ended up bored in a snoring soreness of listlessness dissing my self-respect with my self-esteem.
Becoming bum steer all I could do was try cry and go awry drinking shots rye to be falsely frisky to build deter deterrence to be a blowback quack with a whole lot of BS quackery.
Being a slacker eating cracker’s on the couch pouching out in the mid-section like hot air balloon as I sit in the saloon staying in my cocoon sitting on my s-ass.
As I was the dusty musty fidgety suspect of disrespecting it of me as I ended up landing flat smack on my derriere in the dairy cow residue without clue due to being the troll of control.
Is now long gone like New Year’s Day 2012 so now my Infinite Spirit opens the way for my genius grandeur to glow to blow my brilliant lively oracle omniscience thru.
The “collaborating cosmos televises my nu-clear sphere of savant sapience” suavely endearing the universal vista to intuitive capitalistic visions that open the way for people.
To relish their siesta in a festive suave innovative effusiveness sumptuously televising animated acuity to the new whoop do to send the world into plush whooshing opulence revving-up.
The proud to loud livens-up daredevil dancing with the strong-willed stars at the all-around champions ceremonies drinking the Billionaire Bordeaux with shining rococo rodeo rowdiness.
Saying with a “bold I told you so cowboy-up how do you do” I am thee rebel rodeo rider with a bull rider attitude saddle bronc rider flair with the dauntless niftiness of a calf roper.
Nod my head busting out of the chute at high rate of speed broadcasts my steer wrestler creed of steadfast grit and get shows my barrel racer cool classiness displays.
My ‘brazen balance of bareback rider’ roping my calf with canonized abilities running to my calf hearing new wisdom throw my challenges to the ground with two wraps and hooey I tie down.
My endless flow of lavish universal cornucopia and accomplishment walk my in gallery of celebrity limelight because I choose to tame the beast within with a rare forthright feistiness.
To ride around the universe as a champion of champions as I now wine and dine daring pioneers all over the world unwaveringly expressing a newborn wide-eyed impressive.
Nomadic explorer audacious nobleness dauntlessly decrees intrepid nous eulogize-zing soaring freedom in my kingdom of immaculate tranquility.
As give a free rein to my trendsetter razor sharp focus on laying on the eye-catching beaches embellishing fun in the sun today and everyday in every way.
As I experience frontrunner utopia nirvana opening a savannah of green billion dollars bills sticking up out the ground to plucked and tucked into my world traveling book to look.
To abound around the universe looking astoundingly profound copiousness ordained in fame driving my Royals Royce announcing to the world I am Sovereign of profuse profusion cruising.
Because I choose to share my wisdom energizes affluence in people’s internal prodigies as I love today hallowing my name in the marquee lights of the cosmos delighting.
My heart enlightenment which is my divine right to expand the wisdom wealth and divine well-being in the worldly landscape as go to bed tonight understand I am a prophesying prophet.
In a divine blessed way in the loving way in a heart wise way in the right way under grace in a bountiful brilliant way in divine order now.
With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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