Fire the Unrequired Fear is my friend expanding astute revelations. Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I am in the flow of the go when I fire the unrequired released my dire ire of my undesired criers in my core décor as I instantly fire the dire sending my criers to the hellfire’s.

Of the unheralded perils of the unemployed dozy do of what did I do to brew this lewd whoop-te-do-do in my greedy neediness as my hardheadedness says oh-no?

How did I pooh in my stew lackadaisically snoozing losing my way as I was swayed by the naysayers blaring baloney.

So now my blasphemy baloney is fink of my overthink disappeared in a wink and is now extinct vanishing in my blazes of brazen boldness to be flamed broiled expressionlessness.

Emotional nothingness as I employed my loyal titanium backbone to kick my backbiting conceited denunciation of world affairs out the door brashly blown to oblivion discharging.

My smug lug headedness that tied the lies binding my mind in a know it all stall creating my inner brawl transforming me into crawfishing crawler afraid of it all.

Because I had be right all time had be blocked and locked in the dead dark of night laying in my bed dreadful shame-a-flame blame with.

My egotistical arrogance into speaking like parakeet paralyzing my inner landscape is now gone instantly like the insane Saddam Hussein in the blink of eye I fly into a parvenu paradigm.

Coining the rhyme in my subliminal mind to shine in prime time wining and dining in the universal vista with vigor igniting sapient tenacity actualizing undaunted nomadic.

Intrepidness visual-eyes-zing eternal revelations stylizing awesome lavishness to be the law of laser focus freeing lavish awe-inspiring wisdom to win innovatively invigorating.

Omnipotent majestic futuristic fantastic utopia tantalizing uniqueness realizes international superstardom triggering incredible cascading cash flow.

Because I choose to engage my internal enterprising entrepreneur fore sure to allure my daring debonair fathomer portrays my collaborating composure ensuring enthralling.

Auspicious lively libretto unfetters real intrepid newness galvanizing a gallivanting ardent lissome vim and vigor aggrandizing nous initiating zealous inner-light naturalizes gratitude.

To be the prudent astute-student setting-free a shrewd titan utopian decree energizing new-fangled tiger tenacity with swagger of superstar winner appreciating galvanizing gusto.

Enflaming effervescent nirvana feistiness letting fly awe-inspiring monarchial insight with a neon gleam with stream of esteemed eulogies expanding light on my feet shrewdness completes.

My fantastic financial feat unseats my poverty conscious authorizes me to fly the coop saying poop on the poverty consciousness of my DNA sets me free highlighting.

My charismatic condor chi takes flight in my divine white light relishing endless lavish free flowing financial spree.

To celebrate-celebrate dancing to the beat of my inner feats to see the impressive immaculate world wonders with my eyes so wide open to passionately real-eyes to fly so high in the sky.

I double dared myself to love the world all its inhabitants and all the people unconditionally with a heart as illuminated as the Las Vegas Strip.

On a clear spring night from the sky to delight my eyes with spirited sprightliness determines my all-powerful unconquerable vulnerability of my wily willingness to audaciously articulate.

My vibrant energy unbinds effrontery emotional nous revving-up gracious yesses in every facet of my life to live infinitely free every day.

In a fervent forthright way because I christened Christ within omnisciently orchestrates my sovereign oracle to sashay in influential playful way today and every day in every way.

On the bountiful beaches of lavish luxury in the world in a divine blessed under grace in rich spectacular way and in an impeccable divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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