Where is My Money Honey???
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The question I ask is “where is my money honey” allows me to open my newfound sassy wit to realize my money is the “it” of my internal talent.

Because I choose to let go of the get rich quick itch unhitching my egotistical bitching witch-hunts unlocked the blocks in the universal ethers to internally introduce me.

To Mrs. Universe the supreme queen bee of the universal beehive is jiving thriving and amicable alive with never-ending lavish avalanches of copious abundance as the universe is.

My flowing river of ravishing rich nectar naturalizes new tides of effusive currency fluidities amazingly revolution-eyes-zes opulence to profusely ooze.

From universal beehive of boundless bountiful expansive emolument harmonizes innovative vigor eulogizing the bold buzzing of the universal queen matriarch magnificence highlights.

Her glowing geniusness reveals her beaming angelic glamorous goddess gorgeousness televising Mrs. Universe the womb of endless money flow elegance.

As she is funny about the way she disperses her prosperity purses of vast wealth and superb success in rich robust just way.

Because Mrs. Universe is the mystical clairvoyant enchantress facilitating my earths voyage into the promised land of my sired desires.

She shows me the way to win without sin to shine my luminary limelight showcasing lyrical wit starring Broadway broadcasting my sassy suave zillionaire zeal to reveals my regal realness.

To Mrs. Universe because Mrs. Universe is the Lone Ranger-ess rides the cosmos countryside with her heroic trusty six-shooter loaded with laudable oratory audacious discernment electrifies.

Her divine desires to unsheathe the kapish of her dauntless superstar-ess intuition x-ray-visions to watch her enterprising empire with Red Hawk Prowess to see.

When and how I understand my daily encounters as unrefined wisdom empowering bravo brio rousing my innovative acumen to into intrepid inventions.

Invigorates my novel dashing dosh by gosh dance an aggrandizing waltz as I reside and thrive in my parading pristine prosperity as Mrs. Universe sends forth.

Sagacious harmonic omnipotent omniscient sapient silvery bullets gives free rein to her brilliant undaunted luminary leadership energizing her Titaness sapience enriches.

My internal gold mine unconstricts my genuine oracle lore decreeing I am liberated as she rides in to my situations in the nick of time in a queenly sanguine way to display her affection for me.

When I choose to engage my inner entrepreneur to ride the trials of fail because Mrs. Universe tells me in an undaunted utopian way to fail opens new trails unbridles.

My money making mustang bolt like a colt to be off to the races in robust rambunctiousness raciness invigorating my sanctified facilities unleashes.

My feisty autonomy igniting lively magnanimous omniscient newness energizing yesses in my imaginative sanctuary as Mrs. Universe entertains me.

With her whimsical wittiness unconstricts her smiling sacredness unties the natural nectar of her four leaf clover honey so she shows me my wonderful waterfalls of money.

Because she has a peculiar way she shows her mischievous playfulness as she performs her mystical magical miracles on the physical plane employing her avalanches of wise abundance.

“She teases she pleases she gives and she takes away” as she sees the way I choose to employ my ethics and morals and the way I play with others.

As she gives some people more rope to play rope a dope on a string as they play a game of dishonesty where they end up in their whirl-a-burl of shame.

Then she plays the game with me where I trust my enthralling capabilities as I put forth the same trust into others that turn around and play as they cram-their-shams-of-be-dammed.

Upon me she opens my eyes to see the one I trusted is the one I should-da distrusted because the more the glib in the lip they dip into dishonest trickeries.

Because they shut down their internal integrity shutting off their honest because when they talk they burp BS exposing their severe insincerity in walking their talk.

Because gallant sages ask me questions to open my inner credence energizes a gutsy decree to strut a newborn inner spree to experience life in a rich milk chocolate way.

Because when I listen I glisten in new-fangled wisdom when I fail when I failed to listen blistering my backside sliding into a small-box of an old paradox.

Because it is Mrs. Universe way to unclutter my eyes to see a new path of preeminent prominence to recognize once I spent the money it is lent to the universe to supply.

The universes requirements for that day as I now understand the money I spent is on rent to Mrs. Universe to be reimbursed.

When I have expanded my wisdom energized the enterprising wise opening people’s prospering eyes to relish their newfound acute acumen.

I supplied in glowing festive way as I still encompass the wily wit to play again today in another way authorizing and allowing my Yahweh to say.

Hey I won my cascading cash flow game because I engaged in expanding the money flow Mrs. Universe’s Cosmos Rivers of copious cornucopia.

By letting go of being locked up in the money game of ancient applied poverty consciousness in subliminal scenery sanctioned me to unhook the hook of disallow.

Allows me to book a flight of delight to fly the friendly skies of my newborn light with my eyes on the prize embellishes Mrs. Universe’s school of law abundance in a savvy new way.

She plays a game with honest people by intermingling folks to allow both to expand their wisdom thru inter actions which brings forth these parvenu premonitions bad things happen.

To good people because I trust too much and held my feelings inside the fearful pressure mounts as I try to be please everybody and be good to everybody.

Ties me knots binding my mind in old worn out doubt pouting snobby shoddiness’ has to go now so now I expand my gutsiness to undo laudable new inner buzz.

To unleash my razor sharp focus painting my visions on the horizons untethering my innovation sapience tantalizing animated adroitness naturalizing intrepid magnetism.

Because I understand money is like a cube of Jell-O nestled in the palm of my hand as long as I look with admiration the Jell-O sets there so mellow allows.

Jell-O to wiggle and jiggle in a normal way as I choose close my hand the Jell-O spews creating mell of a Hess changing from a mellow state into a sticky mess.

Mirroring when squeeze my poverty conscious mindset causing distress in my daily adventure as I unlock the blocks of poverty to open my eyes to financial wizardry to tell me.

To be patient and prudent to play chess with best because when I am impatient I distrust my abilities and Mrs. Universe I transform my life into a liability of silliness.

Money flows when I let go of focusing on the money that has passed thru my hands into the universal expressway as that money has already passed away in the right way.

Realizing what is gone is graciously gone like a cloudy dawn as I grasp it was all done in a fun to be threw away in a edifying fashion authorizes me to sashay away to play another day.

In a classy panache embellish my plush innovative pay from my capitalistic venture recognizing it was fun opening way for me to daringly dance in new rebel rowdiness.

To never ever say uncle stanchly setting free my pony express rider in a confident courageousness getting off on horse in fast dismount to grab the horn to swing in the saddle.

Of a fresh risk-taking mount sink a spur off to the races in a flaming fury to relish my omnific occurrences at a full gallop understanding.
My ride across the galaxy is for my peak prudence sanctifies my enthralling expansive edification in a fond feisty vibrant way.

Fertilizing the ethers magnetizing the heavens cosmos cornfields of currency filling my prosperity coffer in a new bold bond with the Mrs. Universe the womb of tsunami’s of cash flow.

To play in another field because success costs cash sometimes it flows to me and sometimes it flows from me it depends on the fiscal lesson that is mine to expand my financial wisdom.

Thru beyond in the my hors concours which is in the fields beyond competition to realize my life is lived in financial expansion when I let go of being the troll control worried about.

My torrid way I let money go without securing its return is now a new dawning discernment to flow in the go of my surging currency stream opens the way to glow in the go of.

My free flowing cascading cash-flow when set free my eagle eyed effrontery chivalry to see me as the vulnerable tutee opening out my intrepid iron-will to be the unconquerable tutor.

Forever teach the people of the world wisdom opulence realness living dauntless determination ardently annunciating my fame and fortune because I understand where my money is honey.

It is all in the universal vista opens this new savant scenario my eyes are in front my disposal system is in the back so I let go of all the slack and lack to go gently out the back.

With tranquil pleasure so I am free to decree in my spiritual spree embellish my sumptuous supply of money wealth success all my sired desires are in front.

So now I confront my daily encounters with my ears poised eyes focused senses synchronized with vim and vigor of my visions unleashing my effrontery gallantry.

To be the student of Mrs. Universes Law of Abundance to clarify my abundance wise inciting my law of lively audacious wisdom to expand the plush pastures of lush prosperity.

In the universal countryside allowing people a way to see their law of abundance sit on the beaches of the world with them in a wealthy wise way.

As I ride the mountain trails of success and surf my oceans of wealth in a calm cool classy way and in a serene pristine divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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