I Am a Hero with a Brash Brio
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I let go of living in my head because I said I am hero with a brash brio to instantly set free my grit get and go exposing my high-spirited rebel rowdiness revealing.
My rabble rousing heart to dart daring astute revelations tantalizing the universal vista with vibrant innovative shrewdness tenaciously aggrandizes laudable copious cornucopia.
To feel the universes utopia in a fun in the sun calm collaboration arouses my triumphant trailblazing rambunctious-rancher to ride the range.
With a revolutionary cowboy fresh off the Chisholm Trail craziness unlocks my riotous relentlessness to ring the bell of my brazen give it my all stalwart staunchness.
To stand tall in the saddle to ride the luminary lightning bolts effusively enjoying the astonishing universal festivities in feisty audaciousness with a forthright friskiness to risk it all.
Because I entrust my intuitive pioneering insights to unquestionably trust my empire-building proficiencies to eavesdrop on universes gales of authentic geniusness flowing through.
The supreme affluent airstreams to magnanimously magnetize-zes my reverie’s from worldly magical scene authorizes and allows me to graciously harvest my new revered wisdom.
To twirl my hearts daringness into a cascading cash flow willingly whirl my oracle omnificence filling my prosperity coffers to offer my farsighted acumen to the cooperating cosmos.
To energize the entrepreneurial spirits in one and all the inhabitants of the earthly plane so they can scan their inner scene to expand to understand they encompass the audacity and valor.
To understand their preferred plush prosperity in the free flow of galvanizing gusto in a supreme pristine way as I relish breathing in and out the buzz of because to appreciate the awesomeness.
Of endearing the sunbathing of my souls emotional delight sanctions my heaven on earth love levitates my enlightenment to ascend to the wild frontier enlivening miraculous phenomenons.
Awakening the jive of my inner thriving cleverness to propel my bold embossing liberating leadership to brazenly blaze the trail to tell the world I freed my creed.
Rebelliously engaging my raging savvy sagacity untethered my strong-willed undaunted utopian preeminence unleashing my tireless effrontery esteemed emotional energy to amplify.
My magnetism canonizes the cosmos copious expressway with my savant sapience to experience the ravishing richness of my Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck champagne on ice showcases.
My regal campaigner televises my stand up for myself frank wizardry as I unleashed my impressive canonized endowments.
Broadcasting I encompass the guts that I feel the steam of ice water flow thru my veins to roll the dice tasting my championship Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck champagne.
As I savored the spicy liveliness of success because I am the best to confess to rest of the world I express the wealth in my heart.
To dart my wisdom expanding affluence loving today decreeing my dreams are my real talent dancing a bold bountiful ballet across the gallivanting galaxy sky.
I dare me to energize my eye can fly candidly announcing newborn wow avowing my all-wise prowess to allow my straightforward cowboy to ride the un-ride-able challenge.
I wrestled the rankest chaos to the ground as I roped my fastest richest dreams with effrontery esteemed chivalry highlighting my profound astounding bodacious vanguard visionary.
To gallantly gallop across streaming currency ecosphere as I rode my money making mustang to reside inside my lavish luxury today and every day in a in profuse prestigious way
With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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