I Instantly Fan Flames of Fame

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I instantly fanned the flames of fame and fortune in the wow of now as I promptly uncluttered the muddle of my mundane muttering in my subliminal mind.

I choose to quickly quit sticking my foot in my mouth languishing in anger pandering in slander bickering in my interior core permitting my slacking quacking quackery.

To crawl into sleepiness distressing me creating condescending overconfidence dissing me into messing my pants snoring in a callous plaster cast stuck.

In my murky muck down on my luck in a peevish greediness transforming me into internal donnybrook hooked and booked in my pessimist prison dizzily.

Churning out words the shut door on my hors concours as the words I spewed were doused in doubt are now east bound and down released and run out of town on a greased rail.

Into the fires of flaming raging incinerator forever unlashed turned ash then to dust to unleash my new liberated lust to experience life in a peerless sovereign out of this world.

Laudable utopia sumptuously tantalizes the sensations of flying high to relish my life of Riley in a regal rich way.

Untethered my new ardor fascination engages my titian backbone to allow me to be triumphantly thrilled in the frills rock n roll of feisty rowdy intrepid lightning bolt linguistic.

Arc-blast effusively electrifies my savvy sagacity giving free rein to my rabble rousing audacious adventurer.

To unclasp the hasp cutting the sash authorizes me to grasp a cluttered subconscious mind is always clamoring forever hammering selfishly squealing like a pig caught under a gate.

Sliding me to be a being a double dealing asinine aggressor scissor bill bully unseals a new realization seals the deal on my real sassy savant stand up to be audaciously accountable.

To me to comprehend a scissor bill spills delusional pills of tribulations out both sides of their mouth massaging those who they need to further their agenda.

Cutting people they feel are unrequired to advance personal agenda off at the knees while procrastinating down both legs in peevish fear to mutter out one side of their mouth.

Stuttering out the other side of their mouth with their left hand afraid of the right hand as their innovative side understands and their egotistical pride dives dimwitted pompous arrogance.

Speaking about how good the autocrat is about running other people’s lives as they hiccup their haughtiness and burp BS on what is wrong with the world and people lack.

The foresight to understand their life as the terrible tyrant is spreading oppressor manure souring the world’s air with a torrid telling turbulence.

That smells like H2S gas that smells like rotten eggs as the conceited teaser tattles about how well the belligerent bully is at fixing people’s lives as the silly wooly bully is clueless.

Glued and blued and tattooed into listless nothingness allows my confusion to expand into profuse profusion of crisp rich wisdom.

Unlocks my entrepreneurial effrontery emotional genius gallantly shows my stalwart swagger telecasting my innovative affluence now to walk in a blatant unwavering classiness.

To see me parade my mature intrepid state-of-the-art quintessence free of egotistical belligerence lets sail my heart smart grittiness allows me to see the intuitive inventor.

In others so it sparks sunlight spryness in my inner intuitive inventor to glide thru the universal vista invigorating my sprightly lively lyricist singing the songs I write.

In a bright bold light enticing a delight in my heart piquant sanguinity igniting the universe to dance foxtrot flash dance as the planets sing rock n roll the stars to play Mozart.

The world lyricizing country and western song I showed up in boots to hoot holler I rode the bull called Bodacious Game of Life to ride my Roping Wisdom Horse on my Cloud Nine.

This is mine by divine right as I exude my impressive prime time sanguine shine on my defiant daredevil ride across universal sky to say hi to the world as I see me pristinely sunbath.

On my lush luxurious seventh heaven extravaganza as the cowgirls and cowboys ride the trails of triumphant relishing.

Lavish avalanches of copious copiousness embellish the highest good of all today and every day in a bountiful blissful way and in serene divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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