Colorful Charisma

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Fear is my friend…opening my heart!!!

My colorful charisma televises my candid camera candor bestows my core regal credence to the world as I speak in silence live in the space of my imaginative imagery innately expressed.

By my unconquerable clear-cut-shark-quick actions emancipates my unquestionable visionary vitality and my soul’s vibrant vulnerability unlocks worldly opportunities profoundly eulogizes.

My “natural supreme gunfighter chi herculean strength potentate wisdom my hearts love fearless avant-gardism” I serve mankind with inspired sapient majestic sagacity.

Sets free infinite supplies of moneyed-up moxie to enliven the cosmos cooperating community with blessed blissful innate unity.

To realize silence is the parlance to flash dance of pristine plush prosperity because money unhampers dashing miraculous omnific newborn enthusiasm.

Saying yes to my hell-raising over-the-top well-heeled experiences in all my daily escapades with sassy sexy global trendsetting enlightenment let’s fly my zealous exuberance.

Realizing money flows to those who unleash their innovative wit into the universe to win innovate tantalize-eyes their entrepreneurial cleverness in others that choose to engage and.

Excite their get and go to magnify and intensify their wisdom wealth health and new divine grandeur to play in the now with newborn wow televising there fresh ideal axioms.

For people to say “I am the star of my candid camera extravaganza exposes an abounding philosophical rock n roll star flair.”

Gives a thrill-seeking free rein to their rollicking rich rebellious resume to flow in fervent frisky free-way sends them into frolicking financial freedom and in divine order now.

As I feistily propel headlong into my adventurous activities my titanium backbone portraying noble gallantry to walk among the people with a mature quick-witted forthright fortitude.

Showing people a new grand way to play allows my auspicious actions to be my spoken words as I saunter through life in silence unravels my brand new courtly boldness.

To show the world my silence postures my sterling silver quintessence splendidly serves my sumptuous Shangri-La suaveness to spin the world like a top articulates.

My phenomenal cosmic chutzpah unchains my amazing dauntless dapper inciter to shamelessly ascends me into my mind-blowing astro-galactic heavens.

As I am liberated visionary authorizes and allows me to appreciate embellishing silence in daily encounters with my internal landscape patient and unflappable in saucy situations.

Because my silence is my internal peerless valor endearing me to ensue appreciate and embrace my parvenu prudent prodigious prowess that.

Unleashes my inherent artistic pictures in my subliminal scenery to feel touch taste see smell listen and hear.

My inner seer philosopher to softly say’s in loud proud voices the right pathway for me as my inner soothsayer carries a brilliant bold stick of sapience as I see my universal spree.

In a daring declaration of inspiration says “I am here to play embracing my salient prayers peace prosperity displays my gallivanting gallant grandeur in a calm cool classiness.”

To spearhead the world’s wisdom epitomizing my sapiential silence broadcasts I am thee divine debonair with an exalting a zillionaire zeal brightening the sky.

With my enlightened mightiness I am the star showing the world my Oscar that sets so eye boldly brilliant on mantle of wealth and success as I played watched and embellished.

My Emmy Award winning performance engages me in my daily life’s winning movie because I encompass the guts to live my dreams in silence and walk in the gap in of my adroit actions.

Telecast the brash brassiness of the luminary light of my divine wherewithal as I vehemently voice my daily life jubilee thru my visions to hypnotize my opulent impressive camaraderie.

In my mind’s eye with my visions being a majestic mural painted on the horizons with my tongue being my zealous Zorro to cut away the lies of my busy egotistical mind authorizes me.

To be serene keen in my utopist spirit tells the world my super-luminary prowess ignites rabble rousing imagination tenaciously invigorates an astronomical speed of prodigious prodigy.

Extolls my high rolling robustness to express my audacious clear-sighted acuity in silence acutely articulates my sheen insightfulness thru my body language.

With my eyes full of newborn prophesizing wise heroically hallows my poised effrontery essence in the universal sky high fiving.

My championing desires unleash my financial fire to wire the electronic transfer of my mesmerizing wisdom to the universal vista.

As Mrs. Universe the womb of endless lavish endless financial freedom direct deposits plush never ending cash flow into my prosperity accounts.

As I open my heart in silence as my heart speaks in neonatal innovation announcing to the cosmos community in silence I live my opulent extravaganza in my quaint quietness.

I sanguinely lead the world with ingenious wisdom for the ages as I lay in my hummock between to palm trees enjoying my bountiful breezes loyalty aggrandizes.

My peerless stillness as relish my inexhaustible copiousness today and every day in every way under grace in silky soothing way and in calm pristine divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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