Prosperity Prizes

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Money flows to me from all sources in the world.

I fly across the sky with my eyes on my prosperity prizes energizes my sumptuous sunrises enticing me to embellish my miraculous surprises cosmically arise in my intimate intelligence.

To brand my bona-fide ballet brilliance amazingly living life’s celebrations to dance a communiqué chivalry broadcasts my prestigious passion to the worldly scene.

As I tunefully toot my horn of newborn sanguine serenity because I comprise the wise to eavesdrop on the wisdom of others and see the signs of significant acumen.

Accelerating heartfelt animations as I pay attention to my eye-opening omnific occurrences in my everyday walk about realizing these unique events open out my novel inventive ideas.

To bring into fruition my new-fangled money making gadgets are instantly sold in lavish avalanches of bountiful abundances.

As I deliberately meander in a meaningful way relishing my daily encounters sanctions me to hear peerless new insight.

As wander telecasting my whimsical wizardry highlights my hearts gratefulness for my thriving life sanctifies me to freely fancy my daily extravaganza as I wiretap my innermost sage.

In a fresh feisty realness exalting stalwart heroism real-eyes-zing my core hero expresses the gallant liveliness illustrates my cores heroism sets free ism of who I choose.

To be in this prime time unbridles my winning self-esteem that flows so humbly from my subliminal mind to stand the test of time in a regal rich rhyme of noble nirvana unsheathes.

My freelancing frontiersman audacity is forthrightly articulated from my potentate proficiency in majestic rays of praising sunlit wisdom.

As I boldly told the world “I am an innovative superhero mahatma” shouting out with cosmic clout telling the universe I am proud endowed yelling a bellowing champions hooray.

Because I encompass the gutsy gall to call my wild entrepreneur to spur my rebel rousing carouser to open the browser of savvy luminary lore to kinetically charge my inner soothsayer.

To ensure I courageously kick my self-assuredness out of bed effusively entrancing my razor sharp focus on my cascading cash flow intentions uncluttered the money trials.

To ride the rails telling my tales of how I threw my procrastinating bum off my train life to go hoboing somewhere else saying son of gun I have won as the train of triumph pulled.

Into my terrific train station showing me my ardent affluence filling my always prospering prosperity accounts unfetters.

My new pioneering spirit euphorically undoes a new bold buzz of brilliant utopian Zen zeal allowing my stainless steel backbone.

Attuned and toned my ears to my platinum album singing my idolized capabilities tantalize my undaunted newborn emotional grit and get to hear my soulful seer sacredness orchestrate.

My symphony of success leads my “Philharmonic Orchestra of State-of-the-art Opulence” displaying my dauntless daringness to the cosmos untethers my moxie astute audacious attitude.

To tell the prude of the corporate fascism world it is time for you to step aside and take your pitiful pride riding the greased rail to eating grass in the pasture to never come back.

Because the people of the world are unleashing their ostentatious oracle wise electrifies their internal electromotive force exploding their financial freedom to delete the elite hypnotizing.

The world with their effrontery pearls of I whirl the world with my inner fortitude unleashing their winning wherewithal showing.

The college educated corporate clones of the pearls of the world are the people with pioneering common sense that energize the cosmos.

With awesome robust love sowing seeds of prosperous enterprising astuteness revolution-eyes-zes their life harvesting their copious copiousness.

Saying to the cooperating cosmos “We are the folks with intuitive innovation on an adventurous escapade presenting our fortitude of success as the pearls of the world they confess.

I won today winning every day in every way because I showed the world “I am the pearl willing to be the teacher of my journey” in a bountiful blessed way and in divine order now.

As show the world I am risk taking capitalist to insist with persistent preeminence I unclutter the universal vista with clear-cut vision of vibrant imaginative stand-up integrity.

Intentionally setting imaginative intuitive intentions with my let’s go rocketeer stare so on a dare I am bear on a tear walking thru my terra incognita shamelessly free on new adventures.

Enthusiastically and scholastically emancipated and liberated me from college educated cloning allowed corporations to incarcerate people’s lives.

Thru manipulation that is the innovative pollutant causes the world to be insolvent while blame is being thrown at people that play the hand.

They were dealt so the elite pelted begrudging ghoulishness on people they felt were inferior with degrading demagoguery.

By discrediting themself thru their doubt enrages the deleted elites pouting peevishness as powers to be cried in their beer sneering at the mirror.

Because they know they are trying with no avail to insult to you and me because you and me understand the challenges they speak creates chaos sending the world into deeper disarray.

Because they have lack ideas leaving pissing down both legs with people in awe of who they are now opening their internal flames of desire to lead the people who think.

They are in charge out of the bewilderment in a dawn of new plush prosperity with a daredevil dexterity I fly across the sky with my eyes on my prosperity prizes with a cheerful spirit now.

As I fly I say thank you God Mrs. Universe all the people in the world for being on the jovial journey to celebrate my jubilee in a free spiritual spree today and every day.

In every way in a heart healthy way and in serene pristine divine order now I say “thank you to one and all for allowing me to be part of your day.”

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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