Expressive Ingenious Vims
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The Ten Million Dollar Meditation un-boggles the mind frees the subliminal mind to expand into free flowing innovative wisdom.

Eye; realize my heart I am unleashes my impressive new expressive ingenious vims to expand my life into a new vowed Tao triumph unrestricting my heroic hutzpah heartiness.

To let go of living a swirling whirling whirl of do-do trying to think I know what is erroneously errant in people’s lives and the world tells me without real-eyes-zing.

I am paying rent to vent my innermost turbulent ills to the world allowing outside chaotic challenges control my conscious ego driven mind.

As I am trapped in -low-slung know weeping in cheap thinking cheating me into bleat-in like sheeple- I can help you perilously paralyzes me sterilizing my innovative cognations.

Causing rusting procrastination because when I use the word help I am internally searching for people and circumstances energizing learning sensations unclutters new astuteness to verbalize.

The word help ‘dupes me into thinking I am the one to help in practicality the word help’ is me practicing to manifest disorder in my life as I recognize I am asking the universe.

To belt me with distressful situations because when I say help whose inner actions are being engaged mine so I setting up landmines in my internal design.

To be finalized in my daily encounters as I am posing for a photo op of repeating my needy dependency riding a runaway train buying a ticket of neediness creating physical messes.

Shutting my eyes to my runway to fun as I am the person to change their life in reality I am living in the same mundane plane with no runway to fly because it’s selfishly important for me.

To pay more attention to the competition with repetition transforming my silly superstitions of what other people are doing and how they talk about me childishly changes.

My shy why me into the slow of know shifting into a drifting coyness sitting on my listlessness butt blistering my inner self with puffed-up bully-ness howling with a scowling yell mimicking.

A lonesome coyote yelping with a stumpy self-esteem ties my innermost vanity in knots of vainness blocking my spontaneous discernment because I vainly focus on my forward foresight.

With a hocus pocus waning whines of infamy on somebody else’s hectic haughtiness writing and telling my inner worries to the world.

Because when I tell people how to do things I am singing my songs of I need help in subliminal scenery stringing me along in real time as I am the one gonging my prestigious chi.

So now all my subliminal songs of help are now gone like today’s dawn frees my undefended sovereign sapience to beam brazen a new wit to sing the songs I write or speak emotionally.

Galvanizes my empire-building eye energizing prosper-eyes-zing prodigious prowess allow me to show people a new way to say I ring the bell to propel my divine rapture to glide in pride.

On my cloud nine I am financially fine extravaganza in a rich loving way as I choose boldly portray I give it hell I embellish my I gave it hell impelling my inner stellar to hypothesize.

My universal ethers with my phenomenal prophesy to expand out and beyond my physical plane to let go of stewing in my pity pooh drooling over what I wished I knew is the do-do.

I slither thru when I think I absolutely know breaks me down into a freakish fermenting dinginess for the duration of this situation just to see and feel.

My infertile termite of turmoil take over control this situation transforms me into the troll of chuckleheadedness buckling under to the situation swarming around as mad as hornet.

Saying darn it with thorn in my foot tooting my foghorn torn inside because I thought I knew leaves me singing the egotistical blues.

Because to know is to go slow is now gone in fond feisty way open the way for me show my glow exhibiting my genuine love omniscient wisdom unleashes a vibrant feel to appreciate.

I am the real deal speaking savant debonair speed of light luminary wisdom collaborating credence.

Canonizing real enthralled dare-devil entrepreneurial nirvana celebrating everyday success because I choose to let go of knowing I think know to expanding into I don’t know.

Sanctions my conscious mind to be confused with subconscious recognizes I know authorizes me to feel the words in my heart allows the words to flow thru my chi ignites.

New-fangled visions expands my mind to understand my words are my swords of sapience to severe my old ways opens out my life experiences with galvanizing gusto telling the world.

I am genius unbridling my mustang monarchial sagacious talisman omniscient get and go now to live in a lively I told you so way.

Walking up my savvy suave fairways enticing my dreams into instant fruition in an extreme esteemed fashionably way saying I love residing inside my deserving lavish luxury.

In the right way in a loving way living in copious cornucopia is my by divine right as I witness the instant revealing of my opulent opulence to experience my plush prosperity instantly.

In the right way in a loving way in a divine heart blessed way under grace in a picture perfect way and in divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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