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Infinite Spirit opens the way for me to be with the diviner in me shining my divine light sunlight bright setting free my sapential spiritual spree giving free rein to my savant knight.

To glide with potentate pride across the universal sky embellishing my hierophant hutzpah UN-boggles my conscious mentality spurring my suave clairvoyant chutzpah unfurls.

My full throttle mettle unwinds my divine sublime mind unfetters my undaunted utopian supercharged diesel determination unlocks.

My cocky enterprising emotional engine to declare I am rare daring my innate effrontery sapience to energize my lyricizing lively intrepid love.

To live out-loud vibrating exuberant I am on scampering rant unbridling my par-lancing rabble rousing raving wit to wave to the all the prospering people in brave new way to show.

My gallivanting gallantness gleams glimmering golden glamorous luxury expressively amazing the ecosphere with forthright founding father sovereignty.

Revolution-eye-zing ethereal endearing acumen-eyes-zing over-the-top regal liveliness declaring I play in my Wonderful World Free Flowing Wealth today as I claim my financial fame.

Wisely winning every day aggrandizing my influential affluence to do what I choose to do in my festive feistiness to broadcast my wild unquestionable unconquerable risk taking woo.

Because I choose to cut loose from the mundane inflammation created by follow the herd transformation that shoved corporate cloning college medication down.

My throat from sheeple people education that hypocritically invoked and poked my conscious mind making me feel stoned cold and sold out with doubt to pitifully pout.

Like I was eating Oxy-Cotton reeling in a repetitive sedative loll of being cloned in corporeal competition distantly twisted me in distrust bent my over in dolt oldness.

Sent me into silly stupor is now gone like the mule trains as I opened my eyes to soul as my soul opened my eyes to see.

I was the one wallowing in follow because I was tried to live the lily livered lie to fit in societies humdrum medication left me crying in my lifeless beer with a sneering fear.

Because I was wallowing in my ridiculous head up my rear end dead-end road drinking the unchangeable pain of change my thoughts change my life Kool-Aid left me feeling dreadfully.

Dead-ended in the hood leaving my dreams homeless because I felt good in my conscious mind while my subconscious lewdly laid around braiding same ole.

Rope-a-dope myopic beliefs employing the same epic faith which are the thieves of my dreams embeds the same infamous imprints crimping my lifestyle.

Casting me off into mundane disdain of I wished I would of listened instead of blowing blistering lies ostracizing wilting in negativity golly I wished I was some else as I wake.

In the same fake and bake mindset today is now awesomely released and amazingly let go into heavenly bliss as I climb into the cockpit of my trendsetting Mars liberating lunar rocket.

To fly away as superstar avatar telling the biosphere I am as a winner televising my worthiness igniting newborn nirvana enticing my rabble rousing I disavow giving a hoot about society’s.

Pouting doubt and jeering searing jealousy because I say I honorably toot my horn loudly undoes my laudable lore broadcasts my tenacious owlish omnipotence tantalizing enterprising wise.

In the eyes of Mrs. Universe the womb of my endless torrential money stream because I choose to glow in the gleaming lavish omniscient wisdom telling the world.

You watch me soar as I soar you open your eyes to fly away into my copious cornucopia telling the world to kiss my life of riley at my amusement park riding my cascading cash.

Dream boat embark my stalwartly starkly sing hark to my star light bright insight televising all aboard to my Galaxy Gala of Gigantic Opulent Richness Glamorizing Emblazon.

Brazen enlightenment in my heart to smartly say I rest in festive zestful zeal today because I played to win in my skin now my electrified imaginative soul shows opalescent.

Unrestricted luminosity with a daylight foresight delights me to say I won because I trusted my innate abilities to facilitate my internal mystical magicians.

Instinctive intuition for me to instantly witness the fruition on my intuitive intentions as I now play in a nuance of lavish lively luxury embellishing.

My helluva xalting celebration catapulting me into copious cornucopia basking in ultimate utopia today and every day expands every way.

In a heart loving way in the right way in a divine blessed under grace in a pristine blissful way and in serene I am me divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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