Slam Dunk Success

Cowboy Wisdom Coaching

Spirit leads the body as the body show the mind the way.

My intuitive spunk skies my megastar wise to slam dunk my superstar success opens the way for my inner diviner to intertwine my daily experiences with my unworldly celebrations.

As I understand I am a spiritual energy expanding through spiritual experiences with a sharp understanding the world is mystical magical extravaganza of magnanimous miracles.

That supernaturally occur in my life today and every day in every way now unleashes my savant singing star stanzas unlocks.

My quiet cockiness within my numinous state of grace while recognizing I exude heralded humbleness into my physical spree to realize.

I am one of 7 billion people traveling thru on this earthly horizontal timeline to play a prosperous pioneering game of life UN-restricts my state-of-the-art premonitions.

That stream from my esteemed heart smarts authorizes me dauntlessly discern I won my game of life because I strived in lively innovative wizardry igniting my inventive lights boldly beams.

My glorious genius identifies with my raconteur oracle invigorates my innate aviator ascender to telecast I fly thru the sky highlighting my imaginative imagery.

On my visionary vertical timeline to understand I experience life on my horizontal timeline as I experience the miracles of my life on my vertical timeline to witness the instant revealing.

Of my sired desires as I feel hear see touch taste smell listen and experience the instant endorsing of my euphoric extravagance as I relish my Bountiful Broadway Parade in lavish luxury.

As I energize my real deal pioneering knack smartly smacks me in my trailblazing brass emancipates my sassy stupendous resplendent resolve dissolves.

My harassing inner chaos opens out my omnific orchestra of omnipotence to play in the culminating cosmos.

“I encompass the wit get and grit to dance in challenge audaciously prance in prosperity.” revving-up.

My sunup rapturous riches unmasked my mundane fiascos as my organic acumen unconstricts my visionary soothsayer to feistily fathom I am the facilitator of my life’s.

Jovial jubilee definitely comprehending I am a guest in God’s Kingdom Mrs. Universe the womb of enterprising energies empire, all people’s lives and all inhabitants in the cosmos.

As I cruise the galaxy with my opportunistic eyes perusing the capitalistic countryside to thrive in classic common sense extolling.

My spiritual drive declaring my rebellious imaginative visions expand my daredevil thrills exciting my sunup to sundown exhilarating eulogies.

I am profound expressing astounding phenomenal phenomenons abounding in real acuity rousing regal keenness exalting a point guard tenacity power forward moxie.

Shooting guard forte gallantly running up and down a basketball court bestowing small forward classiness racing across lane in a to slam dunk success as my coaching ears are eavesdropping.

On the inaudible sapience of the universal CEO to hear the cosmos seer speak in discreet credence to see how I am paying attention to my daily encounters and my Universal CEO.

As I realize CEO means my canonized enchanting omniscience verbalizing my vim and vigor whizzing winning whims of wisdom high-fiving incredible.

Mammoth money flow landing in my lap from all sources in the world as I am expressing forthright worldwide philosophies that speak with calm cool collaborating voice.

As the cosmos listening and instantly delivers my sired desires to me in special way as I am special in every way as I am fancy free broadcasting intrepid independence embellishing.

My bountiful bonanza of shrewd ingenuity to flow into my intuitive landscape fervidly fertilizes my inventive fields that yield’s Yule-Tide impressive emolument lighting-up.

My daring enthusiasm electrifying my thrill-seeking escapades into the wild new woo of the world exulting opulence opening the door for me to soar telecasting.

My superstar omnipotence amasses real wealth in my core décor as I now realize wealth is wisdom unraveling wise enterprising affluence living today.

In plush perfect prosperity on my mountain tops of pristine serenity under grace in a peaceful soundless way and in luxurious divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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