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Open a new vision to Expand your Life.

I chime the rhyme in my prosperity mind to discover I am a glowing gold mine extolls my avatar acumen to shine telecasting my sterling silver divine sets free my intrepid inner diviner.

To swim in my Caribbean grandeur of expand exhilarating the forthright fruition of my imaginative intuition whooshes my intuitive accelerator to ascend to comprehend hearing.

My highest mind vims exalting the catapulting of my innovative inventor into effusive elaborate potentate prowess unrestricting my genius listening undoes a bold neonatal buzz emancipates.

My courageous communicating prodigies to understand canonized candor unbridles my collaborating awesomeness naturally declaring omnific terrific revelations profoundly paving.

The way for wealth and success sensations to vehemently vibrate thru the cooperating cosmos like a 9.0 earthquake ferociously fractures the dolt of old to be sold to the abyss.

To be instantly dismissed from my life forever unconstricts my clever debonair to telecast my brassy billionaire brilliance to play so gallantly in my galaxy to experience life in glorious gusto.

As I realize when I say he word expand I feel liberated lubricating my libretto enlivening my chakras electrifying my emotional élans to feel my idyllic independence stream easily.

Igniting my internal desires excites my gallant gall to invite the world to my ceremonial ball of everybody can experience it all when the world and I choose to unmask the mundane.

Let go of society structures expand out of yesterday’s sustained illusions to expand into birthing yours and my sired desires in the universal vista unstitching the bitching about all the challenges.

In the world into witnessing the instant revealing of newborn worldwide wisdom I see the world as unprocessed percipience opens my neonatal monumental way.

Of speaking and experiencing life as I now choose to say I expand thru life to thrive in my spirited drive.

I now arrive in every facet of my life in limousine luxury tells me I propel my give it hell in a healthy wealthy way.

Because I am swell in my internal well of winning everyday living love untethering my hierophant triumphant showing the universe I am free in my subliminal mind.

Of any stained profane insaneness from prior illusionary perceptions because I asked this querying question to see. Which of these affirmations excited your get and go?

I change my life. I expand my life. Opened out this parvenu paradigm parading prosperous perspicuity in my sublime landscape change is bland as expand is grand to me. How about you?

Because when I speak the word change my eyes narrow with my conscious mind shrinks then seizes up like a blown motor as I now realize the pain of change creates subliminal landmines.

When touched by a daily encounter my deep-rooted emotional imprints explode winding up victimizing venom within my subconscious sending my conscious mind into a flailing tailspin. 

Because I am thin skinned transforms fear into frothing at the mouth emotional attachment rankling havoc in my imaginative scenery when I say the word change.

Because I think there is going to be change strife instantly arrives in egotistical mind causing a raging rant of “Oh No I can’t” in my innermost settings.

So now I heroically alleviate the pain of change as I authorize me to verbalize expand kicking the pain of change.

Into oblivion to be forever gone like an 1880 Texas cattle drive allows me to elect a new internal sagacious Sheriff unleashing sanguine sovereignty within.

My heart hegemony to open my eyes to see the grandeur in expand because when I say the word expand my heart gallops into a new get up and go galvanizing my gut.

To strut undaunted titan toughness to open my eyes to my daily extravaganza surprises unlocking my savant prodigious prizes that unleash new-fangled astuteness in my inner nobility.

To unravel my dauntless ability to walk into the shadows of darkness to face myself with stark stalwart tenacious acumen revving-up kicking brass taking names with slam dunk spunk.

Understanding I won because I willingly opened new-fangled sapiential shrewdness to withdraw in silence allowed me to quite the quackery within my skin to listen.

To my wisdom from within then to step forth into the situation with happy go lucky attitude sanctioned me choose to expand out of the clanging banging noise of the situation.

Which was inside me into my fields of first-class intuitive energies living daringly as I choose the experience life by turning me inside out.

Opens me out to realize my physical escapades mirror my inner celebrations unfetters my devout clout to be free of competition.

To understand I expand when I listen energizing my spoken word to employ shark attack action to electrify my life by engaging my imaginative sage unties my warrior zeal.

To walk down the streets allowing the universe to send my tantalizing treats of real milk chocolate success to taste the sweetness of wealth smell the fields of clover rolling.

My eyes in success as I hear the birds chirp  the world and I enjoy magnificent health in a rococo lively way as I am bask in the sunlight of my delightful cascading cash flow.

Embellishing the astonishing impressiveness of today and every day in every way in the right rich regal way under grace in a heart blessed loving way and in plush divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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