Stalwart Autonomy

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I gallop in stalwart autonomy to wallop the world with winning wisdom as I unleash omnipotent gumption ascending laudable lionhearted omniscient prowess.

To broaden noble I am mobile monarch opening bona-fide intrastellar luster enthralling prodigious prodigies in people’s visionary seascape authorizes me.

To see every day as surplus cash appearing promptly energizing enterprising endeavors forever expanding my luxurious lifestyle.

Unlashes my flashy wisdom wallop unclutters worldwide codswallop as I unfurl my whirlwinds of swirling sumptuous wealth in my worldly opportunities alluring me.

To mesmerize my visualization accenting my global adventurous luminary liveliness optimizes preeminent judiciousness climaxes me into a calm cool chillaxing state of mind.

Unrestricting my effortless effrontery eminence to radiate real charismatic audacious daredevil innovation tantalizes the earth’s ethers with soothsayer lore to be definitely sure.

I endure the race to realize awesome character energizes my moral and ethical values to vision affluence lionizing undaunted enterprising spirituality.

In my inner scenery setting free a vehement vitality vibrating imaginative talisman acuity lighting-up inventive terrificness yessing.

Every facet of my life to recognize I am fantastic expressing sure fired desire to walk the high wire of success because I discovered my euphoric heroic explorer in my cored décor.

To understand nuggets of wisdom flow to me when I listen to hear cosmos seer unlocking glowing genius letting fly omnific whimsical intrinsic-al newborn gallivanting gusto.

Unbridles my bodacious saddle bronc rider valor to glide generating my prodigious potentate gait to enjoy a date with innate straightforwardness unrestricting my royal astute robust.

Trust in my revered rebel to bust out in a rant and rave as I exterminate “I can’t” from the hearts soul’s spirits DNA cells minds of people and the universal skies into unconstricting.

“Canonized adroitness naturalizing thunderous thrills” whooshes a free rein to my high-spirited purity purifies my pioneering spirit setting free my undaunted revolutionary intrepidness.

Electrifying sapience to understand I expand my “I won my game of life in my heart” because I dart dreamy audacious rabble rousing tenacity unwinding a vim and vigor.

To win in my divine skin astonishing the world with new-fangled mama grizzly bear awareness mirroring Fred Astaire showcasing the elegance of Ginger Rogers releasing.

MY two-step ardor adeptness unleashes my perky articulacy illuminates my pert eagerness to amazingly realize my triumphant campaigner ignites collaborating unity.

In letting go ascending charismatic Yahweh opens the way for me to ride the mountain trails of panorama prosperity to lie so gallantly spry.

Baskin in the sun on my beaches of bountiful bliss throughout the universe cruise in a care free spree today and every day in an effervescent way.

In a regal right way in a divine blessed heart loving under grace in a glamorous glorious way and in a crystal clear divine order.

With a Smile in My Heart

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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