Oracle Omnipotence

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Opens your eyes to allow you to place monetary value on your ideas and deposit your income.

My omniscient opulence unveils my oracle omnipotence opens my maharishi eyes to see my supreme dreamer effortlessly gleam esteemed galvanizing lively effrontery acumen.

Magnifying instantaneous newborn gutsy geniusness electrifies my gunfighter gallantry to stand in the street to face my life situations revealing awesome well-heeled emotional vigor.

Embellishing my spicy sexy life experiences immediately jump starts my heart intuitive flair christening my Christ within to blissfully bless my spiritual chi to free.

My dreamed desires aggrandize my appealing keen realness to feel my rich regal feats instantly divulge my fantastic effusive affluence to thunderously strut my financial expansiveness.

Flashing my ardent thriving success unravels my feisty palaver propels my elite audacity triggers savant sagacity unsheathes my bison moxie to show the world.

I encompass grizzly bear gall to experience my extreme ornamental monumental fun-in-the-sun dreams to lion-heartedly stream steaming.

Crazy brazen boldness bestows outrageous love declaring nervy enflaming savvy suaveness causing people to quake in the core in awe of my lavish outcomes

Telecasts I am a wealthy moneyed-up bum allowing life to my amusement park to ride the Farris Wheel of bona-fide accomplishment because I refused to succumb to society’s structure.

As people quacked in their boots filled their pants with last night’s dinner jumping around like they had ants in their britches itching their bitching realizing their jousting jealousy.

Because there were so uneasy in their egotistical mind it quivered life a bowl jelly in an earthquake.

Because are in awe of the daringness of my dreams as my dreams are extremely pristine feel fervently fluid they swirl in my mind’s eye.

Like illuminated typhoon ballooning brilliant animated lighted-up Oscar winning movies as my dreams beam energize volcanic vims shattering societal structure.

Because only I encompass my unique omnific oomph to vehemently buzz with visionary vulnerability unveiling my vitalities unlocks.

Levitating newborn enterprising revelations animating brilliant invincibility letting go igniting tantalizing yah-sing thriving thirst to fly first class blazing brilliance unleashes.

My unconquerable demeanor unifies my leaner luminary sword of shrewdness to cut thru communal construction stuffed with egotistical arrogance.

That has taught people to slog thru challenges finding fault exposes a doubting pouting societal culture allows the powers to be vulture robber barons.

Because people buy into their delusional inventive wrecking rhetoric faking out themselves degrading their genuine talents following listless lip as they dip the world in BS.

Whatever the powers to be thinks they tell the populace disempowers the populace selling the populace a bill of soiled silliness as their action are nebulously napping sapping their savvy.

As there way of thinking is stinking up the countryside is now released into oblivion to spin into the bin opens new oracle prowess to bald-facedly evicts.

The convicts drama and trauma turning from rapping crap into fertilizer because I understand everything that zings into my conscious landscape.

As crafty unrefined wisdom allows me to uncover the emotional attachment to the ingrained imprint to discover new nuggets of golden wisdom unsheathes wise innovation elevates.

My elite defeater to twitter my wit face-booking linked-in cleverness you tube-n visionary wisdom to the global gyration synchronizing farsighted wizardry.

Energizes fertilization sensationalizing the ethereal ethers mesmerizing the universal skies with my stellar fervor to flaunt my dauntless daredevil lets raise hell propelling my telling the world.

I choose to let go of what I know bestows my newborn gusto to chivalrously flash bold energizing stouthearted trailblazing omniscient wisdom into the physical plane.

Opening people eyes to engage my inner entrepreneurial wise to see my endless sinuous rivers of prosperity that steadily flow into my serene oceans of opulent wealth.

Today and every day in every way as I relax in quiet lavish luxury at this instant in a picture perfect way and in copious cornucopia divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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