I Refuse To Lose

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http://www.cowboy-wisdom.com/audio-FearFriend.html Opens you to fear is my friend energizing astute revelations unleashing canonized abilities.

I refuse to lose because I refuse abuse me so now I am totally free of being an abusing ruse unsheathes a capricious new way to experience my spontaneous bounteous life to realize.

Those of youse that abuse others smoother their inner brother breathing dire dispiritedness into an abuser daily life invoking strive in every phase of their life walking thru life.

In a daze of disparages their courage dousing their life with cowardice lousiness that brainlessly blasts the past into the universal ethers to live their life in a downward spiral.

Of spineless immaturity leaves them peevishly drowning in blame going down in the flames of shame crawling thru life dumpster diving in tumultuous timidity driving around.

In confounded inner victimizing criticism with the ism of criticism tells the abysmal abuser in the subconscious landscape I sell myself short in all facets of their life.

Because I am physically tuff spiritually drunk in a shrunken state of frighten panic cruising for a bruising from the universes karmic caballeros gallantly ride through universe.

Sets free galaxy dharma spurring my gallivanting knight-errant vanguard to peruse the cosmos corridors with an eye peeled for those lily-livered ruses.

Because the cosmos Knights of the Universe’s Roundtable drool like pit-bull looking to lock horns with those phony frothing at mouth fools who lose their cool.

Like two fighting buffalos because the Karma Knight flying in luminary light to slams dunk those abusing punks in a pool of costly caustic chaotic turmoil.

Because the abuser refuses to see the good in themself blocks and locks the abuser slips and slides in slimy addictive asinine control so the abuser is always looking.

For the condemning blemishes in others to sooth his/her ingrained pain from there stained egotistical childishness therefore a physical abuser cruises.

The physical plane with enflamed damned up pain of frivolous proudness clouded by I am right everybody else in wrong so the abuser says.

“I have the right to slight others because they lack my mundane vain vanity because an abusers heart is dark subliminal seascape of flooded with illusionary ache causes the conscious mind.

To be closed disavowing their innate talent so they slop around in the muck of devious doubt causes them to pout justifying the inner lie it is my disingenuous right.” to abuse others.

While the internally addictive ruse is living a ghoulish nightmare snaring inflamed blame smearing shame in the inner landscape like peanut butter on toast as folks open their eyes.

To a surprise they comprise a new wise it is themself was the abuser with an inner refusal of who they are now they recognize there abuse holding them at bay as a temporary underdog.

Is instantly gone like a January 2012 fogbank unblocks the blocks allowing folks to unlock a new potentate prowess opening a new zealous zeal to let go of their pent up peevishness.

Energizing their prodigious prowess to win within an abuser refuses to ask the universe for a new there the universe and God keeps bringing wraith to wring out the stained pain from.

Thinking ruse is physically tuff instead is scared to death when in a straight up communication of ideas without irate ire being crux of the communication they are tossed for loss searching.

For words instead they pull the sword of horror is now cracked racked and stacked in get out of jail free garbage as the abusing ruse is the now living landfill to use for methane gas.

To saintly light the world for a thriving lifetime of heavenly mysticism because I am a phenomenal prophet walking around in my esteemed spiritual buff expresses.

My bold undaunted forthright foresight telecasting my augur trust of my adroit abilities to realize I am forever free from my inner abuse unstocks my blocks as the universe.

Instantly lets loose my profuse profusion of phenomenal intuitive prosperity opens my eyes pronto to my owlish omniscience to see the world.

As whirling swirling emotional enterprising countryside cash flow because I choose to listen to the people of the world to unveil my listening lithe to allow them to speak their omnific peace.

Of prospering electrifying astuteness canonizing effusive emolument to feverishly flow to me from all sources in the ecosphere because I am free of abusing me allowed me.

I disallow me to abuse others therefore I freed me from abusing others as people let go of abusing me so now everything and everybody in the universe is instantly emancipated.

To experience life in a free flowing fun loving way filled with awe-inspiring sunshine as I am free in my strong-willed spree authorizing me to walk down.

The street fancy free opens the way for my real entrepreneurial energy to synergize my cascading cash flow as my prolific prophesizing clairvoyance flows.

Thru my imaginative landscape like the Mississippi River flowing to the Gulf of Mexico of warm August Day as I unsheathe my oratory august to trust God Mrs. Universe

All the people of the universe and all magical sources in the cosmos to astoundingly cooperate with me send forth to me my first class omnipotent revolutionary hearty wisdom.

To expand my understanding of my numinous nirvana divulging who I am in my internal flame fanning my soothsayer fame.

As I energize the worldly landscape with enterprising effrontery allowing people to see me in my true bona-fide Superman sapience to unleash a new prominent proficiency of august trust.

In the universe as people see I expanded from being an abuser to refuse to lose to unleashing a snappy superstar chi to collaborate harmonize innovative woo-a-tive wealth.

Omnipotent omnipotence aggrandizing tantalizing intuitive entrepreneurialism to zing zealously thru the universal skies jump starting peoples win-a-tive attitudes expanding.

Their get up and go into I got her all done with fun loving luminary liveliness as I swim in win I bath in tranquility I walk in enlightenment I sashay in play as I lay in my hallowed hammock.

Of lavish luxury my way because I choose to play in the fields of harmonized hallowedness to write my name in bright marquee boldness in the universal skies eating.

My Key Lime Pie of I am Loud Proud Innovative Energy lighting the universal vista because I am the sunrise of my life televising my sunset of prodigious prowess as I now understand.

It is me telling me I am free in my inner spree to decree this day and every day I play in me enterprising emotional energy of wealth wisdom success love health and divine grandeur.

As I realize I am the only that has say in my day there I am the one to have fun today and every day as I tell the world watch me so you can play with me.

In my cosmos of cascading cash flow illuminated love devoutly listening to the universe daring dharma massaging my purified karma show me the way allowing God to speak so deftly.

To me and people entertain my ears with new wisdom hearing the universal seer show me path to plush prosperity in my inner scenery opening my oceans of panorama opulence.

On physical plane in fantastic financial way as I allow my inner self to listen with a glistening glow hear new ways to express my oratory omnipotence to see the world.

In colorful prize-winning wealth as I touch my silky smooth success that tastes like rich dark milk chocolate of collaboration smells like rain fresh air autonomy sees.

My world turn in a bright rainbow radiance as I instantly witness the revealing of all my sired desires because I light the fire in my desires and let go of.

The dire ire to insanely inspire me as I enthuse the maharishi money making muse in others with their new desires ignite their fires of fame innovation real enterprising sapience now.

In the right way in a divine blessed way under grace in a heart loving way and in precious pristine divine order now.

With a Smile in My Heart

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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